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The M Room book coverBeing a cheapskate (or thrifty depending on your thought) I have no cable and no television. However, I have internet and internet means I have YouTube. When it’s late and I’m too tired to work but still too awake to sleep I explore the YouTube universe. Lately I found people had posted a series of episodes of a show called Secrets of the Dead. Of course it’s an older show but it’s new to me. Some very interesting stuff. One I especially liked was inspired by a book called The M Room by Helen Fry. It’s about how the cunning British Intelligence, way ahead of their time, bugged three stately homes with microphones and recording equipment and interred captured German soldiers there in WWII.  Rather than harsh interrogation, they received great treatment, and lured into a false sense of security blabbed about everything.

The book had been around for years but I had never encountered it. So much for living in a town with no bookstores. I thought it would certainly be worth a read and got onto my Goodreads account to discover I had forgotten about the annual book challenge. So several months behind I signed up to read thirty books this year. The M Room is on the list. Books can be bought inexpensively and traded or sold for more. They can be donated to charity. Cable is highway robbery and not recyclable. Obviously I am not totally against television or I would not be watching programs on You Tube. The selection can be erratic but it is very diverse and you can choose what you want, and not have to take (and pay for) what you will never look at.

Reading build mental muscle. I intend to keep my brain n the best working order possible. The Dead Wrestler Elegies book coverSo I will do my best to make my goal of thirty books this years. I have already read four, the Alienist by Caleb Carr (actually a re-read), Alchemical Psychology by Thomas F Cavalli and Genius by James Gleick. The genius of the title is Richard Feynman, one of the few people I actually hold as a hero. I watch his lectures on YouTube, too. The fourth is The Lunar Tao by Deng Ming-Dao. I have another book I purchased after reading one of the poems on another blog, The Friday Influence, written by Jose Angel Araguz. The book is The Dead Wrestler Elegies by W. Todd Kaneko. The poetry is incredible, very strong, visceral really, so I am treating it like an old and fine brandy, savoring it slowly in sips. It’s going on my Challenge list too,

I have been really working on attracting positive things. Te Law of Attraction may be bunkum but a positive attitude is healthier. I took some mildewed, scratched and otherwise damaged old law books to the paper recycling for my cat rescue friend. They were were taking up a whole shelf in the store she really needed. To my amazement, I refilled two of the boxes with an assortment of books in perfect condition someone had dumped there, everything from ghost stories to novels, and from James Herriott to L Ron Hubbard! So maybe the Law of Attraction is not bunkum. I needed books for my list. Not only did I get an idea for one from the YouTube show, I got several actual books I could use!

Victorian Ghost Stories book cover

One of my finds at the recycling center. I collect ghost stories.

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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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