Caturday Thoughts – The Invisible Post

Curl of blue smokeI have no idea how last weeks post vanished. There was no puff of smoke. Still it was only one post.  Much worse could have happened. I really need a new computer. I’ll have to wait a little longer, since I just shelled out for the taxes, the insurance for the truck, the pet insurance and the Go Pro. That made a lot of money vanish. The money is vanishing for my friend with the cat rescue too. She needs to get her store open. The vet bills and other expenses are not going away but there is no revenue, so I will be there today too. We were hoping for a Mother’s day weekend opening but we only have one more Saturday. It should be done by Memorial Day weekend though.

I moved little Charli out of the back bedroom into the dining room (which I use as an office). The handle of the cage was the only thing holding up getting it through the door to I tied it back in the open position. When I pulled it through onto a lower table, it dropped with a bang and out she ran. She had put up with me dragging the cage across the room on the sawhorses and board and pushing and pulling trying to get it through but that was too much. She is such a good girl though. Of course she ran into a corner and hid behind a couple of panels of a disassembled cage. But when I placed her carrier in front of her she went right in. The carrier doesn’t have a door but she patiently stayed put while I lifted the cage into a soft-sided dog crate I could get through the door. It’s actually bigger than the cage and has a fleecy bottom so it feels good to lay on. I am hoping she will start moving around more, it’s not good for a cat to sit in one place all the time (like people do). The other cats no longer pay her any mind and she is no longer hissing constantly so I want her where she can get more attention and socialization, too.

The days of high wind have finished off the blossoms on my spirea already. I am looking forward to the camellias. It’s hard to believe they weren’t growing when I first moved in. All I did was put the autumn leaves in the beds and that was enough for them to show up the next spring along with the irises and other bulbs. This spring has raced by with not much celebration. The robins nested elsewhere. Equinox was minimal this year. I never did get to color eggs for Easter. I had no May Day activities, made no May basket and no Meiwein. The flowers, the blooming blackberry bushes  and Cloud’s handsome cardinals do help make up for it.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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2 Responses to Caturday Thoughts – The Invisible Post

  1. Lavinia Ross says:

    The post appears to be empty, or perhaps the content disappeared?


  2. Check if there is an earlier draft saved. If there is you can posf that.


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