Snow in Spring

file4671239058316Now we are starting to get decent weather I am getting outside. I actually have to because of that petty bureaucrat from the city who drives around acting as the lawn Nazi.  I just keep telling myself I need exercise to stay healthy and it’s saving me a gym membership. The problem is the rain. Everything is growing like mad and when it’s raining you can’t mow. You could trim hedges and bushes if you’re willing to get soaked but that’s about it.

My lilacs were wonderful while they lasted but the rain last week finally knocked off all the blooms. My consolation is the two Van Houtte Spirea at either side of the front of the house. Last year they barely had a blossom but this year I have snow in spring. They don’t have the strong scent of lilacs but when they transform into a giant snowball they really lift my heart. And the blackberries are starting to blossom. I will have to get the screening on them soon or the birds will beat me to the berries. The robins did not return to nest on the front porch light this year, In a way that was good as bringing things in and out of the huse was hampered, having to use the back door and walk around for so many week. Also I had to stop my mail so the mailman wouldn’t upset them. They probably moved to one of the trees as I found half a blue eggshell in the front yard. But I moved the bird feeders in front so the cats could see the birds and hung a small one in the bush in front of the kitchen window and the cardinals entertain Cloud.

I am behind in so many things again, including this blog, but I don’t feel overwhelmed as I did before. I finally got singed up for Medicare, what I nightmare! Even with the exchange people going the extra mile it took a weeks and I have 150.00 in out  of period charges on my phone. The system in America is a total fail. I have to pay every month for something I’ll never use and I still don’t have dental coverage, which I would use! But otherwise we are in good shape if we have to move out of the problem house. I am over halfway to my PhD. It’s an on line school but I don’t care. I am enjoying the work and can still put the initials after my name when I’m done.

I haven’t had time to put the Go Pro to work but that is coming. I found a great YouTube  channel on using GoPro where he even has a video on opening the box! This is more necessary than you would think, trust me. And I’ve been spending Saturdays helping my friend with the rescue set up in her new store. She is still working full time and only has one day a week for it. She’d be months getting it done otherwise and cats are coming in and money is going out. I’m also making progress with the little grey cat Charli that I’m fostering for her. I can actually pet her now! That has really made me happy. Also I discovered some columbines I thought had died were up and blooming! On that note I will post this and get on with my busy day. I hope yours will be a good one.

pink columbine blossom


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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One Response to Snow in Spring

  1. K Markham McCarty says:

    How on earth are you affording an online PhD? And what school is it (I’m looking for something interesting like that, and I love your topic, healthcare in this country is so screwed up). I guess the CPA thing finally pulled your finances clear. Meanwhile my law career went in the toilet, too complicated to explain online but the vicious nanny state had something to do with it, and now I’d have to do so much to resurrect it in another state I’d rather teach or be a therapist or just try to sell art and poetry. The law is incredibly corrupt and venial today. Why and how –> Centreville (and I have to ask the Zappa question, is it in fact “a real nice place to raise your kids”)?
    It’s too bad you have cats. I mean, it’s not bad, I think it’s wonderful, but I’m as allergic as Master Kim, which puts a kink in any hope of visiting much. I can tolerate them briefly if I take my antihistamines, but I kind of got burned out on living with them in a house in SF (that was problematic in other, more serious, ways) where I am sure the burden on my histamine system contributed to some mental health problems. It is my curse that so many people now have cats because they are too busy for dogs, which I don’t react to, so I finally got one (after leaving the rental market, yay!)
    I subscribed today so you have my email, if you want to communicate privately at greater length, feel free, I’d love to catch up but am enjoying reading your blog and seeing your photos. Be well, and pet the kitties for me!
    If I get my wordpress blog up and running again I will try to throw some links your way.

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