Where is Earth Day?

fall color trees along a roadEarth Day is going to come and go unnoticed in most of America. That doesn’t surprise me. Never mind the attention getting global warming debate. Just ask your self when you last heard someone discussing the significant increase in UV light penetration to the earth’s surface over that last few decades. Not surprisingly, skin cancer rates have skyrocketed over the last thirty years. Even Fox News reported on the increase in skin cancer, yet the article never mentioned UV exposure. OK so Fox News is not a scientific journal. Still one does not need to be a Nobel Laureate to recognize the problem. Where I used to live near Washington DC you were required to get an emissions inspection for your vehicle to make sure you weren’t adding to the pollution load unnecessarily. But once you move out of the ring of counties around the city, this is not required. Only those counties have dirty air apparently and the wind would not dream of blowing it into another county, would it? People of such thinking have no need for an Earth Day. They would just as soon have their skin cancer and asthma and COPD, apparently.

smoke billowing from stackIf you Google Earth Day 2017 and look at the list for top stories you see the Philippine Star and the Jamaica Gleaner as sources. Looking for places that celebrated Earth Day I noticed most were large cities and most were on the west coast or in the northeast. Certainly there is a lot of small town activity that never makes it to a Google search item but still, there is a pattern. I know the residents of Pittsburgh prefer the clean air they have now to the smokestack city they once had because I have friend who live there, but there were celebrations all over Pennsylvania as well. All of this is sad but not surprising. Good for the people of Pennsylvania but sad for a lot of other places, like where I live. (Sigh)


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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