Caturday Thoughts – Easter Already? I’m Not!

I have been so busy Easter is upon me and I didn’t eve realize it. I’ve done no preparation. There is no Easter basket and no candy. This will not be missed. Candy appeared in the stores so early I just ignored it. I used to indulge in the occasional Cadbury cream egg which I got in the same English specialty shop I got my Christmas crackers. Earlier on I this year I bought just one when out shopping, having not had one for years and wondering if my memory was accurate. Sadly, it was not my memory that failed but the fact I bought the American version. It was  like eating an egg filled with glucose solution, no cream flavor at all, just sweetness so intense my teeth ached. Yuck!!!  So I’ll be sticking with hard boiled eggs for Easter. I can color some if I want, too.

This difference in taste is not my imagination. As I kid I loved Ovaltine. I mentioned this to a client several years ago and she brought me a jar. However, it was all sweetness and very little of the flavor I remembered. I told another client about this disappointment and she sent me to a Thai grocery, telling me that in Asia they still get the original formula. The jars on the shelf had label coloring somewhat different but still obviously Ovaltine and not a knockoff. At home I mixed it up and there it was, the flavor I remembered, not so sweet, slightly malty and chocolate at the same time.  When my father traveled to India and Pakistan a lot he took to eating yoghurt to aid his digestive tract. The problem was he got used to real yoghurt or curds as they are also called. When he mention yoghurt to my mother she went out and got some yogurt. Why the difference in spelling? One is British English, the other American. I use this to distinguish between the over-sweetened American stuff and the real thing. My father hated what my mother got and rarely ate any thing called yogurt again. I buy mine in an Indian market. It’s an Indian brand and it is not sweet but tart like a fermented food should be. And when I was in the U.K. I could find the real thing as well. You might as well just have real ice cream and skip the American version, in my opinion.

WordPress is not cooperating again this morning, no pictures are uploading. I usually try to pull the pictures ahead of time because this seems to happen most often on Saturday mornings, but it has been a busy week. So I can delay the post until later, since I will be just as busy today as the rest of the week, or post before I go out and add the pictures later. My last post had no pictures because I never cared about taking pictures of the house and also, my cameras began to fail after I moved here. I will probably add some after I get the new camera, since it will be a good way to get used to using it.

Yes, I finally broke down and ordered a camera. I thought about it a lot and went with a Go Pro. It’s small enough to keep handy without being in danger from spilling coffee or fits of wild cat sprinting for no visible reason. In the past the golden moments of cat posing were lost by the time I retrieved the camera and any action shots (and a lot of still ones) wound up blurry and out of focus. Another bonus is that with all the nifty attachments they offer I will finally be able to get real footage of Cloud and Skye in there wild chase of the laser dot because I won’t need two hands for the camera and a third to move the dot. The size of the Go Pro means I can catch Dolly hunting her “mousie” before she sees I’m observing and stops. And unlike my old still camera, I’ll be able to capture her cute ” I have prey, I’m so proud of myself.” noises. I have very few pictures of Dolly, she was so shy for so long and she always scooted off if she thought you were watching her. I will be glad to have some good pictures of her, she is so beautiful to me. Once upon a time I did a lot of photography and I was pretty good so I know I’ll be able to capture her at her best.

The lilac bush at the front corner of the house is in bloom. Finally I’ll be able to get my own photos of my flowers and plants and cats. I am grateful to the many photographers who freely share their work on Pictures do enhance the posts and I can almost always find something appropriate but I would really like people to see what I see. The birds are emptying the feeders in about a day and a half, a sure sign breeding is under way. I saw grackles snatching up dead grasses from the pile I raked in the old garden bed. I will love having shots of Cloud’s handsome cardinale pair and all the other birds that visit our feeders. The ten day weather forecast is showing rain almost every day. Chances to work outside will be few and far between, but after all, it’s April. And the Go Pro is waterproof!


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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One Response to Caturday Thoughts – Easter Already? I’m Not!

  1. I am sorry to say you are correct about (American) Ovaltine and chocolates in general. I don’t know why the confectionery companies ruin something that tastes good. Actually, I do know: it is to save money by using inferior ingredients. I have a container of Ovaltine in the kitchen which has been there for ages. It is not tasty enough to make me want to drink it. Imported stuff is for me!

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