Caturday Thoughts – Kitten ‘Season’ Again

licac blossom buds
Spring is in the air, sort of. I am looking forward to my lilacs blooming. Still, nice days are disrupted by high winds and alternating rainy days. Additionally, some of the signs of spring are less welcome. The annoying chorus of lawn mowers has already started. There is no time of day or day of the week that is sacred and spared the noisy disruption. I would like to be able to hear birds. Even dog barking is preferable. Spring is also kitten season. My neighbor Nelly, whose only prior experience was with dogs, has been adopted by another neighbor’s cat who pestered to come in so often in the cold weather that Nelly gave in out of compassion. Since then she has been coming in and making herself at home. Nelly is an older woman and while she has attempted to get the neighbor to be responsible she hasn’t the energy for a reform crusade on these witless people.

kittens in laundry basket

Not the litter in Nelly’s closet

So the little cat had a litter of five kittens in her closet! A completely new experience for Nelly, who had no idea she was pregnant. Obviously the little cat has never seen a vet. Which means she’s never had shots, including rabies and she’s bitten her rescuer at least once. The neighbors say they can’t keep her in which translates to they are too lazy to bother. Yes it requires some effort since they initially decided to let her roam. That way the don’t have to play with her or provide scratching posts or a litter box. I hate to say it but from what I’ve seen they have the same slapdash attitude toward raising their children, so what can a little cat expect? She figured out Nelly was a much better option. Now Nelly is in the middle.

The little cat needs to be spayed, for the sake of her own health and to prevent more cats going into shelters, or winding up on the streets. There are many low cost options available in this area but her “owners” are too lazy or ignorant or both, conditions I have little sympathy for. Meanwhile, I am fostering a semi-feral cat my rescue friend caught. Her sister has rescued three cats from  neighbors whose idea of what to do because they were moving was to abandon the cats in situ. I hate the idea of passing laws for every little thing, especially because lawmakers do such a bad job mostly, but abandoning animals should be illegal. Most people who move leave some kind of forwarding information and they should be tracked down and slapped with a fine. It certainly then would be cheaper to drive them to a shelter or rescue.

In the meantime, my friend who runs the rescue has given me some options to pass on to Nelly. And we will try to help her place the kittens if she can’t find them homes.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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2 Responses to Caturday Thoughts – Kitten ‘Season’ Again

  1. Lavinia Ross says:

    I believe abandonment is illegal, although I don’t know about your state. Out here in rural Oregon, sometimes even large animals like horses or cows get abandoned or dumped off into someone’s pasture.

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    • angela1313 says:

      It may be in some places but even where it is I suspect resources are devoted to other “high priority” crimes. Not much enforcement, especially when the perpetrators have left the jurisdiction.

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