Caturday Thoughts – No Carousing on St Patrick’s Day

This week was a bonus week for the cats. The cold weather kept me in so there were lots of opportunities to lay on the futon and cuddle with mom and each other. The birds were forced to the feeders because of the snow and there was a lot to watch as they competed for a seat at the table, so to speak. I supplemented the heat with fires in the fireplace and they are popular with the cats as well adding needed warmth to a house that even the cleaner complains is always cold.

I got some chores done, the kind that get put off because they are boring and don’t get you forwarder in what you really want to be doing. I sorted, recycled and burned a pile of junk mail that has slowly been accumulating. It was handy to relight the fire with at least. I’ve had extra to do with Charli in residence, checking on her several times a day to monitor her incision, make sure she hasn’t made a mess in her cage, change out her box and spend time talking to her. She really needs socializing. I think she is more feral than my friend thought but there is certainly hope.

I also got a lot of writing done. I am behind in my work for my thesis so I made sure to spend time on that. I also shopped for anew camera. My old one just doesn’t cut it any more and my friends all have smart phones to take pictures that work even better than my camera. I don’t need or want a bells and whistles phone but I do want better and more pictures of the cats, and my flowers and the birds at the feeder. I would also love to take some video of the cats as well as stills. Cloud chasing the laser dot and Dolly throwing her mousie in the air are so funny to watch. It would be fun to do a little vlogging instead of just blogging. As usual with technology purchases lots of research and comparison is required but what you get for the price these days is quite amazing.

I went out yesterday and picked my poor jonquils pressed down by the snow and not springing back up. I’ll just go ahead and save them in my plant press.  No crocuses came up this year and it’s too soon for tulips and irises so the damage was not great. The wind was not an issue but it was damp, overcast and raw. It just encouraged me to build another fire that night. Later it began to rain, a perfect night to enjoy that fire with Inspector Morse and Sergeant Lewis, a pot of tea and a fish and chips dinner.

Yes, I know it was St Patrick’s Day and I should have had something Irish. The truth is I never liked corned beef and cabbage even when my Irish Gran made it. I did make some soda bread to have with breakfast and tea tomorrow and breakfast was Irish oatmeal. That and the tea being Irish  will be enough. My late mother’s birthday was the 16th of March and it was always a joke between us I continuously “forgot” her birthday so we could celebrate on St Patrick’s Day. The Irish Gran was her mother so it was a way for us to remember her together. So I no longer do much carousing on St. Patrick’s Day. I got in  more than my share when I was young and am content to have it be a quiet memory filled sort of day. The cats prefer it as well,


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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