Caturday Thoughts – Mission Accomplished

What a busy week. We worked every afternoo and Saturday and Sunday to finish moving everything out of the store. I had planned to post Caturday Thoughts later that day but not as late as I did. I was beat by the time we got done, so tired I could barely think to drive across the parking lot to the local pizza place and get a cheesesteak sandwich instead of going home to cook. I fed the cats, had my cheesesteak while watching Inspector Morse for the millionth time and then went to bed. Round two the next day was similar. There were some other people to help or we never would have made it. But still we needed to go back Monday and Tuesday evening to clean.So this is pretty late but I can include an update.

Russian Blue cat on purple wicker stand

Tkeiger at en.wikipedia [CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

After all the cleaning that Wednesday night my friend had to pick up a cat after work but before the vet closed. She had trapped this beautiful outdoor cat thinking it was a male. She named it Charlie then found out it was female. So renamed Charli she had her spay surgery done and needed a foster. Guess who has a house guest? She is in a large cage in my bedroom and not overly happy. Lots of hissing and growling. At first she wouldn’t even eat but yesterday morning I noticed she was nibbling on her kibble. Last night I gave her a serving of kibble plus a whole pouch packet and this morning they were gone. I was thrilled! I have no idea how long she was an outside cat. Nita said she was able to pet her. I wish I could get a good picture but she hides in the carrier inside the cage. She looks like a Russian Blue. She has the fur ad the face and the ears. She has yellow eyes and a tiny white spot on her chest. According to Wikipedia “Any white patches of fur or yellow eyes in adulthood are seen as flaws in show cats.” I know someone around here has Russian Blues because a neighbor got a kitten. I hope she is just a mix or lookalike and not dumped because she wasn’t worth money. She is lovely regardless and so soft looking I am itching to pet her, but no dice. She is way too fearful.

There was a ruckus this morning. Cloud must have sneaked in behind me when I brought back her cleaned litter tray and I didn’t see him on my way out. When I went to investigate the noise he scooted out the door and she had her knickers in a twist so to speak. She doesn’t understand he is very friendly and loving. He makes the rounds of grooming all the other cats and even grumpy Mi Sun has figured out she should sit back and enjoy it instead of batting him. Also, he is the most insatiably curious of all the cats. He just has to see everything for himself, which of course gets him into trouble. I’m sure he was trying to find a way to get eye level with her for a better look. I prefer him as he is below or as he is now, curled up with his head against my hip, sound asleep.

Cloud Napping in the Sun

Cloud Napping in the Sun


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