Caturday Thoughts – You’re Fired!

Set aside politics for a moment and return to those thrilling days of yesteryear when Mr. Trump was more famous as a television personality using the tag line “You’re fired!” to eliminate contestants on his “reality” game show. Lately I’ve found myself muttering Mr. Trump’s catch phrase on a number of occasions. With all the people in the world needing work and life becoming more and more complex why can’t I get decent customer service? I don’t think companies care about customers anymore. I suppose with seven billion people, many of whom are too lazy, ignorant or intimidated to demand good service, they feel they will have plenty of customers no matter what goes on.

Even on tech sites where I understand the complexities make forums a useful adjunct, you can be down for weeks or months waiting for some one to address your issues. Why am I wasting hours of my life, days even, trying to get phone trees to work; phone trees not programmed to give you a thinking entity, only a selection of choices which are don’t even cover my problem and are of no bloody use at all? I’ve had trouble with websites that just don’t work or are badly designed especially government ones, like the Veteran’s Administration and Medicare. I can’t fire the government, they have a monopoly, so I just have to accept the pain of days wasted by people who don’t care about anyone, who don’t care about efficiency or good service or good design. If one more entity asks me to complete a survey because they care about my experience, I think I’ll scream, because I know I am not the only one going through this but they never improve anything.

“Why are these people taking all your time? You should be spending it with us and having more fun.” Simba

But I want more time for writing, my cats and doing other things I want. I don’t want to waste two hours trying to access my phone account because I can’t get the text messaging they want to use to send me a code. After decades with this service I began to look at alternatives. You’re fired! One thing that really burns me is using volunteer forums to handle things that should be customer service. A double billing on your account can’t be solved by a forum chat, yet that’s what I saw as a question on a well-known mobile phone company’s site. Plus I read all the fine print about how the billing works. It’s awful! Your fired! Heck, they didn’t even get on the program. Whatever it takes I will slog through all this incompetence and inefficiency and get back to what’s important. I always listen to Simba.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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