Caturday Thoughts – Thankful for a Thaw

file0001614347388The cold did come back and with it a vicious wind. There is a small dent in the roof of my truck cap which seems to have come from a equally small branch that fell. Such was the force of the wind. We had a fire going in the fireplace for two days. Last night I watched Dolly in her bed at the foot of the futon watching the flames for a while. The cats like the fire and are very good about not going too close. Of course I have a screen and only use very seasoned wood but occasionally there are still sparks that pop.  They don’t like that much but love the added warmth as much as I do. Properly banked it will give off heat almost through the night.

I am out of coffee cream so I will go out today now that it’s warmed up again. I’ll have to bring in more firewood and refill the bird feeders, too. I am making progress on the catch up game but not quite there, one reason today’s post is coming later than usual. I tried One Note for my writing project. The free version does a lot of good things but doesn’t let you edit on a page. They know that is a necessity so of course that’s what they hold back. I don’t need all those bells and whistles. Back to Google. Even with all the bugs they ignore they still give more than anyone else. I’ve always despised Microsoft products and this is just another disappointing experience with them. The saddest part is I might have signed up for the paid version if the initial experience had not been so frustrating, It went far beyond the editing issue.

open laptop on deskCats are so lucky. They don’t need to file for Medicare, or do estate planning with their attorney. or deal with IT companies that think waiting six weeks for a reply in a forum is support. Almost every activity is fraught with wasted time.  It took me two hours Friday to order an external storage drive as insurance against my dodgy laptop crashing. The website wouldn’t take my card. Then their chat wouldn’t work and customer service only answered the phone during physical store hours. I had to call my local branch to get the bank service number to call. It used to be on the back of the card but the new chip cards don’t have it. Then when I called the bank the automated phone tree did not understand the word yes. I was a like the Hogwarts students trying to get their brooms up, repeating yes in different tones, speeds, and pitches. I finally got through by repeatedly hitting the zero key only to find out my card was fine and no transactions were declined.

I went to the manufacturer’s website to order direct but could not do so. All the vendors they listed reported the product out of stock. I was then forced to do a Google search which paid off eventually with an outfit in New Jersey. It was in stock and while the extra warranty they offered was a tiny bit more than my regular vendor that was offset by no sales tax and free shipping.  Guess who lost a customer.

It was the same prolonged agony to research the accursed Medicare plans. Finally I found an exchange which had a very informative and easy to navigate website. When I called, the agent spent almost 45 minutes answering all my questions and there was no pressure to buy. Guess who gained a customer. I have to buy the darn plan from someone, why not the people who were most helpful?

At least I could console myself I had something that had to be done, and done on days it was too cold and windy to go out. So in that respect I am still winning the catch up game. The second thaw is going to get me back on track and the cats will be glad to have open windows again, especially Cloud. His cardinal was staying safe in the thick shrubs during that nasty wind. Hopefully the thaw periods will come more often and last longer and spring will soon arrive for real.



About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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