Start of Spring lì chūn 立春 Feb 3rd

pussy willow branchesOn February 3rd we entered the period li chun which marks the start of spring. This is a dubiously premature name, as it’s not the beginning of spring in most of China; only in the extreme south. However, while there hasn’t been a thaw in the divisive political and social climate and no thaw in my ongoing “bad luck”, (well a little actually), there has been a thaw in the weather for which I am grateful. This unseasonably early warmth meant I was able to drive to my coaching session and take a load to my storage unit all without aching joints in spite of being muffled in multiple layers of clothing. I have been able to air out the house without worrying that the furnace is running non-stop and driving up the heating bill. I got out to clean out the truck and wash the floor mats. All this is really helping me win my game of catch up.

dscn1575In a day or so the temperature is expected to go down again and then another warm spell is forecast. This yo-yo weather, as I call it, can be stressful to the system. I started taking ginseng tonic to help strengthen my immune system. It doesn’t seem to bother the cats, if it gets colder they migrate to the futon and sleep more. It if gets warmer, they spend more time at the windows because the birds and squirrels are more active. Cloud loves having the kitchen window open. There is a beautiful cardinal who comes to the bush in front of the window that fascinates him. He doesn’t chatter at it or try to bat or press on the screen. When it doesn’t come he cries to me as if to ask “Please make it come!” He likes the little sparrows too, but if they aren’t there in the morning he doesn’t seem to miss them as much.

file000540876587Normally at this time of year I would be thinking about the garden. I am not even allowing myself to do so, things are just too much up in the air. I want to get away from everything, go somewhere it’s warm all the time and stay there. I envy my friends in Australia. I joke I will sneak over the border into Mexico. Actually, Mexico is not a bad place for an American retiree. It’s a beautiful, diverse country with a lot going for it. Of course I’m not going anywhere without the cats, so sneaking across the desert is out. So is scaling a wall. Thus we are still hunting for a more accessible warm place. In the meantime I’ll content myself with Mexican food and enjoy what warmth we have.

Hopefully, this year’s period of start of spring will really live up to it’s name and there won’t be any massive blizzards as payback for a few warm days. I could do without temperatures in the teens (Fahrenheit, that is) in March as well.  I still have a lot to do and don’t want to have to play the game of catch up more than once this year.

female cardinal on wooden tray feeder

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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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