Caturday Thoughts – Cats Don’t Play Catch Up

white table with pad and penI hate being behind in things. It seems like my to do list keeps multiplying madly. I feel like Heracles fighting the Hydra but without Iolaus to help. Interruptions for deliveries and workmen and repairs, an internet slower than molasses in January, and bad weather have all had their effect. The cats don’t get this one bit. They are indoor only so bad weather just means I stay in and am there for them to pester for play and petting. They don’t have to do lists and don’t have to drive anywhere. Lucky cats. They play many games but they don’t have to play catch up.

It’s not like it’s fun things either. It’s sorting and packing for a move. It’s taxes, business paperwork and financial items. So I am the one playing catch up. As reluctant as I am to play, I am more determined to win. In order to win at any game you need a game plan and I have one. It will mean pushing myself a little and the cats will hear “not now, mommie’s working” more than they like but I will get it done. I can be very determined, like Friday morning when I got so mad at the hardware on the storm door.

When they brought in the new refrigerator they had to take off the storm door hardware to get in it. They put it back with a drill which I don’t have. I had to use hand tools and brute strength. One last screw was partially blocked by a rim of metal and the screwdriver kept slipping. The more it slipped the madder I got so I just grabbed the whole thing in both hands and yanked it off. Amazingly, nothing actually broke. Then the refrigerator wouldn’t roll over the door jam, The doors were full open and the idiot thing would still not go out. So I crouched down and dead lifted it up at an angle and slid it part way onto the porch, Then it stuck again, so I got even madder. I gave it a heave with all my might and it came up and off the porch so hard it actually bounced when it hit and landed 20 feet away. Most women I know my age don’t go around dead lifting refrigerators, but it had to be done so I did it.

Thank goodness for all those years of riding horses and rock climbing and weight lifting. The weight lifting taught me how to lift correctly without injury. The rock climbing taught me how to grip and keep my balance. And working with horses gave me muscles in my lower body that I’ve kept strong.

So today’s post will be short.  I will be busy playing catch up and the cats will supervise but not participate. At least the sun is out so the birds will come to the feeders and there will be something to watch. Overcast cold days mean they hide in the thick bushes keeping warm. I want to slay this Hydra of distractions and get more focused on lists of good things I want to do. Every day minutes are added to the daylight and we get closer to the warmer weather. I don’t want to spend that time in chores imposed by outside forces. I want those days to be for me and the cats. I have a list like the one below I’d much rather be working on.

before I die chalkboard list


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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