Good Grief! What Next?

Open LaptopFor one thing I have to replace my laptop. It has the world’s worst touch pad. I position the cursor where i want to type and it looks liked it’s clicked into place but it hasn’t. When setting posting dates in my blog they often don’t set properly. Those tiny boxes are more than the laptop can cope apparently. There is also something very wrong with the way it works. In spite of being clear of viruses, spyware, malware and every other kind of ware you can test for, it runs slower than molasses in January. It used to be worse. It used to freeze up while making a loud ratcheting noise and had to be shut down with the button or even by pulling the power cord and the battery. Then I would get a message “The Windows operating system did not load. Would you like to try reloading?”. Thankfully it always did. Dell was not helpful. Then the cats knocked it off the futon bed onto the floor. It’s very low so really it didn’t fall, just sort of slid off onto it’s end. But after that the problem went away. Unfortunately there have been many others that the Windows and other diagnostics can’t pinpoint, It is a lemon.

I finally got my replacement refrigerator today. While I tried to preserve some things with ice from the convenience store down the block I was not entirely successful. I had quite an interesting selection of molds growing a few containers. According to the woman I spoke with to confirm my delivery many things have been on back order, which was why it took me almost a month. I can hear my old friend Dimitri now. When things would go wrong at the coffee shop where he worked he had a standard response, “Just like the Soviet Union!” which was where he originated.  Waiting  a month in the days of “Want it tomorrow?” does remind me of all those lines Russian people had to wait in unless they had a connection.

The handyman finally put in the new toilet and then disappeared. I had a some phone messages. One was to tell me the part still hadn’t come from Moscow. Oops, I mean Pennsylvania. Probably getting handcrafted by some Amish blacksmith. The second message was to say the part was in but the handyman was out. He got some nasty bug of some kind that made him very sick, sick enough to get checked at the hospital, He has myasthenia gravis so he is already dealing with a pretty heavy immune burden.  The third message was to tell me he was up to starting on the work and would come Tuesday, which he did. He was there half the day and after a few more hours to let the caulk dry I have a working hot water faucet. However I have a gaping hole in the bedroom wall where he had to rip it out to get to everything. This in spite of their being an access panel. Of course the panel is positioned poorly and someone had fastened the plumbing down with straps secured by enormous nails. He can’t get back to fix the hole until next week.

I had to take the truck to the mechanic for inspection and wound up with it in the shop over the weekend. I had mentioned smelling gas once or twice so they checked it and good thing. The repair to the fuel system was very expensive but at least I didn’t blow myself up, which had been a possibility,

SimbaSimba had developed a big bald spot on her left side, Monday I took her to the vet, a nervous wreck the while. As it tuned out it’s her allergies. What she is allergic to we are not sure, she has no fleas or parasites and she has been getting the same food since way before they manifested. That was a better outcome than one of my Facebook friends who went into the hospital before Christmas and passed away last Saturday. It started on Facebook but developed into a real friendship and I was really heartbroken. My sigh of relief at knowing Simba was not seriously ill was gale force.


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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2 Responses to Good Grief! What Next?

  1. Mary Tang says:

    Note to self: never live anywhere that freezes. What a nightmare! Maybe your computer is allergic to the cold and the cat is allergic to that mould that you are growing. 🙂


    • angela1313 says:

      I think the laptop is just a lemon as we call bad cars here. I have suspected for some time we have a mold problem, I think you are spot on.


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