Caturday Thoughts – Cats Don’t Miss Hot Water

I am still waiting for the parts to repair the faucet to come in from the specialty supplier. The refrigerator is not scheduled to be delivered until the 25th. It had better come and not make my Chinese New Year difficult. The cat’s kibble and canned food don’t require refrigeration so they don’t miss this appliance one bit. They certainly don’t miss the hot water tap, being perfectly capable of bathing themselves without nasty water, thank you.

Potrait of the Chinese Kitchen GodYesterday I sent my kitchen god and his wife off to see the Jade Emperor with incense and honey. Now it’s time to pull out the checklist and start preparations for the holiday. Chinese New Year traditionally requires a massive and thorough house cleaning. Today is the day especially set aside as cleaning day but to do it properly one needs several days. At least I have hot water for cleaning in the kitchen. This morning I’ll be taking some things to my storage unit as part of the tidying and organizing.  before the actual scrubbing and washing.  I’ll take all the recycling to the center and clean the bins. Thankfully we are still having fairly warm weather so I can also tidy the yard.

Glass jar of small soapsIn the afternoon I do plan to take time out from cleaning. I’ll visit the monthly session my friend has in the meeting room of her store for a local cat rescue group. They don’t have a facility of their own but rely on fosters and this gives them a chance to both socialize the cats and let potential adopters see them. I usually leave a small donation, spend a little time with the cats and if my friend is not too busy with customers catch up on goings on with her. It’s always interesting when I come home because I am give an olfactory inspection by all my own cats. Not only is there the scent of other cats but my friend’s store sells incense, soaps, bath salts and the like and those odors tend to cling as well. Ironically, those scents are also associated with baths and showers, reminding me of what I’m missing and the cats of what they could care less about. Cats don’t miss hot water, but I do.

This post is a bit short as the checklist for the New Year is a lot of work, starting today. It will be worth though, to start the year with everything clean, organized and caught up. There’ll be a disruption when they deliver the refrigerator but I should have in tie to shop for the traditional foods. After 2016, I would like 2017, the Year of the Rooster, to be a good one. Additionally, Monday I started my first week of a four week ebook writing boot camp.  It is progressing very well and I don’t want to fall behind. I’ve been promising myself I would do a book for ages, this is actually getting me to do it. So there’s another way I’ll be starting the year on a positive note.

Ancient Roman bath with green water

In my dreams, any wonder?


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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