Caturday Thoughts – No New Year’s Resolutions for Cats

0b27c65c0aeaa51bff80cd89bd893d04-2Cats don’t make New Year’s resolutions. They live in the moment and don’t over analyze life. They are resistant to influences from without. Marketing doesn’t touch them, the news doesn’t depress or anger them; they don’t watch it. But I make resolutions for them. I put my senior girls on insurance and they go to the vet twice a year. They get a complete panel of tests each year. Many feline illnesses don’t show sign until well advanced but changes can be detected earlier in testing. In a few days I am going to an attorney to set up trusts for the medical care of all of them and for the maintenance should something happen to me.  People avoid these kinds of things but life can be capricious and preparation saves aggravation, I say.

Simba "Have you done all the planning for our new year?"

Simba “Have you done all the planning for our new year?”

I have to set up all the regular vet visits. Thankfully Dr, Blair felt Dolly’s eye was stable and we won’t hopefully need to visit him for a year, Everybody has microchips and their shots are up to date. Mi Sun’s arthritis has not been acting up but it’s still hard to keep her from demanding extra food.A healthy weight is important in general but her arthritic knees and hocks don’t need the extra burden.


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