Caturday Thoughts – Mission Accomplished


I swore to myself as part of my year end wrap up I would conquer the paper problem once and for all. I am happy to say I did it. Tax, investment and bank papers, insurance papers and household invetory, all the cats medical and insurance records, every scrap of paper in the house was reviewed, assigned an action and dealt with. Some was shredded, some was put  into file boxes and some was put into notebooks to be more accessible. I’d been working on bits of this project on an off for a couple of months, but dealing with a dying refrigerator fouled up my schedule. Facing a string of days to cold for me to go out on the errands I should have done on the warmer days but for the appliance issue, I decided to get all the rest done in one marathon session. Several pots of coffee aided in my staying motivated and it took about a day and a half.

SONY DSCIt is not as bad as it sounds, the coffee pot is only an eight cup pot and those cups are exact measure cups. I drink my coffee out of one of several standard sized mugs and a pot is emptied by about two and a half fillings of the mug. The only time my coffee is consumed in anything close to a liquid measure cup is when I get an espresso single shot. And that is usually after something like a double shot cappucino. I suppose I am lucky in that I never have any of the ill effects people report from coffee. I get no jitters or upset stomachs, no elevated pulse rate or blood pressure and I certainly have no trouble getting to sleep. So over the past few of days, even after the project was finished I indulged more than usual in perfect contentment,

It’s been in the single digits with the wind chill. Thursday the wind was whistling and moaning through the windows as though trying to audition for the soundtrack in a blizzard disaster movie. The other noise was the rattling of the filter behind the grill as the furnace cycled, sucking ait through the intake.The lack of traffic noise was amother indication of the cold. Inside, Cloud is frustrated at not being able to have the kitchen window open but he has managed to make do with hunting toy mice. I also give him and Milk extra time with the laser toy. Dolly ad Skye will also play with mice when naps get too boring, but Mi Sun and Simba are content to watch the others from their beds at the foot of the futon.

The amount of nap time has increased as the days have decreased but much of it has to do with keeping warm. The furnace is working but the thermostat is not. I can’t change the settting. It is a cheap, battery operated job and the innards are corroded by summer humidity. I was able to clean the terminals enough to get it it to register the batteries and correctly reflect the temperature but we are never over 58F/14C. Really it should be a bit warmer but the cats winter coats are quite thick and I layer.

img_8809It also encourages working on projects. I have still more house organizing I want to do and planning for next year. I have some writing projects I want to tackle. As long as I’m cold and stuck I might as well get everything ready for doing taxes, rather tha spoil nicer days with the Infernal Revenue (that’s nickname, not a typo). Finally, as much trouble as it is we must move. We can’t continue to live in a house fallng down aroud us in a community with no prospects. This will require a lot of work and be more difficult with cats. After all, landlords discriminated against families with children right up until the 1968 Fair Housing Act and still don’t want tenants with pets. We will find a way, though. There are many obstacles and frustrations but I work on my meditation and mindfulness practice to keep positive and encourage the universe to manifest what we need. I am just as determined to find us the perfect home as I was to conquer my paperwork














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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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