Caturday Thoughts – Never Where You Want It

For the first time since I hired the cleaning service I was able to be out of the kitchen so the cleaner could start there. I also had the living room picked up before she arrived. I was pleased and took it as I sign I am finally streamlining my life  effectibely. I have to remember it is a process, not a one shot goal, but still this small milestone was something I was aiming for.

160221_0020It somewhat makes up for the fact the freezer is failing. The refrigerator is cold and so is the freezer, but not enough to freeze anything. I dread wasting time with the landlord on this. No doubt he’ll send some dubious handyman to try and repair it since the refrigerator part is working. Not only that, but I will waste a lot of time dealing with his assistant and and the unprofessional types he hires to do any work. He does not know I bought a small chest freezer because the stores here are abyssmal. I need to prep and freeze the things I buy on my monthly trips to civilization for proper food. I will have to rearrange everything to make up for the lack of freezer space but it is still easier to work around it until after the end of the month. I am too busy as I try to wrap up loose ends and plan for the coming year.

Papers, notebook & calculatorI’ve made a resolution to accomplish before the New Year. I am going through every bit of paperwork I have and review, organize and purge it. I mentioned my frustration with paperwork in my last session with my personal coach and was reassured to hear her voice the same issues, too much jumk mail, to many business and tax regulations which require documentation and not trusting the electronic world and therefore keeping hard copy backup of everything.

In contrast to the inside, outide it turned really cold yesterday. The heating has been cycling regularly which means ahigher bill. There are three cat beds lined up at the foot of the futon bed and all three have been steadily occupied by a rotating roster of the cats. Cloud has no compunction about intimidating Dolly out of a spot and Mi Sun does the same to him. Simba is perfectly happy in the middle where there is a foot high pile where I flipped back the blankets to get out of bed.

It was a great day to get out the slow cooker, doubly so since things had to be re-arranged to accomodate the dying freezer. Looking at the possibilities I decided on Root Soup. Sounds awful but it came out very well. It is one of my stone soup recipes. If you don’t know the stone soup folktale, there is a very good history of it here. The upshot is you start from nothing and use a little of this and that and come up with a soup.

First in were two daikon that were beginning to loose their luster.  and a pair of roasted parsnips left over from Thanksgiving. In the freezer a container completely liquid turned out to be vegetable stock with bits of carrot so in it went. Of course I had to add an onion. The last was a celery root that smelled so good as I peeled and cut it. Once everything was soft I put it through the blender and seasoned it. My only regret was I didn’t have proper bread to accompany it. Russian black bread would have been perfect.

img_3477The freezer where I want the cold hasn’t enough and the living room where I don’t want it doesn’t warm up in spite of the furnace. The bedroom that gets most of the sun is frigid in spite of it because there is something wrong with the ductwork and no heat at all comes from the floor vent. I think it is just leaking out somewhere in the crawlspace. We had a fire in the fireplace in the evening. The fireplace leaks heat like crazy because it has no glass doors so I might as well have a fire to take a little of the chill off. Like many things in life, neither the heat or the cold is ever where you want it


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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