Time Flies

2-7-06 022There is only one more month in this year and for many this is good. It does not seem to have been a good year for many. I have had worse years but this was farm from the best. I lost my wonderful Tony for one thing. The house has developed more problems and the landlord has done nothing. It seems as though I spend too much of my time on things that are externally imposed and I have tried to remedy this. It has not always been successful.

For example to save time spent on household chores, I hired a cleaning service. But I find myself spending time moving things and clearing surfaces and in general doing almost as much work to get ready for them. I have to be present when they are here to let them in, since they are not given a key. I have yet to have any of them be conscientious about closing the door as they go in and out. My cats are indoor only unlike the majority here and no one seems it get it. And I have seen how they dust, waving a feather duster around like a conductor’s baton, rather than using a cloth and carefully movng things, dusting and replacing the things. They want to use commercial cleaners that are toxic to the cats and I  have to be sure to makesure they use safe products.

blood-moon-progressYesterday was a new moon and I used that new moon energy to start my years end roundup. I organized all my bank statements and collected the other documents I’ll need for taxe. I filed all my receipts and updated my calendars. It rained all day yesterday except for some brief breaks in the afternoo but stayed very wet and today is even wetter. Perfect day to get paperwork out of the way. I wish there was a way to get rid of it entirely.

edward-norton-the-illusionistI hope the coming year will be different. It always seems like there is so much to do every day and I begin so early working on it all and then find it’s late afternoon, I’m wiped out, and so much remains to be done. Time flies and it seems like it’s moving at the speed of the Concorde. I know I am making progress but the speed of the progess seems glacial in comparison to the way the days and hours move. I want to be like Edward Norton’s chartacter Eisenheim in “The Illusionist”, using his art to make time speed up and slow down. There are ways to do do this, even as his dialogue in the movie suggests. When we are focused, time passes quickly but also the work gets done quickly. When we are absorbed, we looose track of time. The time in our heads passes more slowly tha the time outside on the clock. I hear Eistein chuckling softly, muttering “relativity”.

I have plans and ambitions for the coming year. We really must find a better house to live in, which means extra money for moving expenses and deposits and all the other collateral requirements. I want to conquer all these extraneous chores and distractions and externally imposed demands on my time. All of this matters to the cats, although they don’t know it. For them, there are few external demands on their time. It is I who find myself saying, “Not now, I’m working.” when they want petting, play, or attention. How many people on this planet wind up saying this to their pets, children, parents and friends? This coming month I will try to get as ready as I can for the coming year hope that if I search in the right way I can find the time.

                                                        But time is not a land creature,                                                                                                                   it’s a creature of the skies.                                                                                                       You must be quick to find and catch the time,                                                                                                        because time flies.



About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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