Caturday Thoughts – Taking a Break

Purging filesThe Thanksgiving holiday disrupts my schedule but it’s only once a year and I enjoy taking a day to just cook,I find it relaxing. I only buy food or litter from the Petsmart on Black Friday so that doesn’t eat up my day much. What I am trying to do this weekend is debug the reasons the social media sharing from the blog is not working for beans, I am also looking at the stacks of peperwork that never seem to diminish, no matter how I sort, shred and recycle. I have collected the fall decorations and they will be packed up and taken back to storage, probably tomorrow at the forecast is for a warmer day. Today the wind is making those sounds in  the windows that belong in the haunted house in a storm category.

spa dayI am also treating myself to a little pampering of the spa variety, giving myself a manicure, a pedicure and a facial, deep conditioning my hair, and doing some body wrappings. Since it started to get cold, it also started to get dry and my body feels it. I don’t usually indulge this way but it’s cold enough out that I don’t want to go anywhere and I can squeeze these bits in between eating leftovers and debugging the social media issues.

The house is always colder than it is outside, but somehow the cats seem to actually be able to judge what kind of day it is. That is is cold enough to make a differnce I can gage by the number of cats curled up on the bed and the length of time they spend there. Pretty much everyone has spent most of the day on he bed and I can see the branches blowing outside the dining room window and here my neighbor’s wind chimes almost non-stop. It is energy draining  to be cold all the time, ask any mountaineer. I do a lot of work under covers and cats in the bed

This postis not up to my standards but there has been a lot of draining negativity for s while, starting from before the election. I don’t have the high energy I had in fall. But things will smooth out and in the meantime I have all that paperwork to eliminate. Plenty of time under the covers and the cats should do it.

Milk and Skye huddle

Milk and Skye huddle



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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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2 Responses to Caturday Thoughts – Taking a Break

  1. Caturday thoughts !!! I love it. Think I’ve found a kindred spirit ❤️


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