Caturday Thoughts: Rainy Days are for Reading

WATERED 3We are in another rainy spell, at least most of this week and parts of next week. I have a lot of writing to do so that suits me and the cats too. They like it when I’m in all day in case they want to break their napping for some cuddling or brushing. It is cooler, the heat has broken at last and instead of lurking in corners and under the work table they are snoozing on their perches and on the futon. Milk and Skye curl up on the tall perch in front of the dining room window. I have put the fuzzy runner rug over the bench in front of the side window and taken out the padded cat beds to plce in favorite sleeping corners. Cloud likes the oval “crow’s nest”. It was Tony’s favorite perch but now Cloudy is my only male and has taken all Tony’s old spots. I myself  used to feel like sleeping through most days  like this but something has changed. Now it seems to feel the closest I can get now  to those foggy days I spent drinking cappucinos and studying back in California at university.


I can only do so much writing before I have to take a break. Since it’s raining that leaves out yard ad garden work. On my last trip to the thrift store for more cat bowls they were having a clearance on books, ten for a dollar.  Who could resist? It was a bit of a struggle, people generally only donate unwanted books to thrift so I would up with, among other things, John Grisham’s “The Rainmaker”, Garrison Kelor’s “Lake Woebegon Days”, a field guide to insects and a book on competitive intelligence.

file1741252893725I also got a couple of light mysteries. I go through them the way people eat pretzels or popcorn. I like those that I can use as a substitute for travel. It is environmentally sound and less expensive. In the case of the Inspector O mysteries it allowed me to go to otherwise inaccessible North Korea. I often make a meal and fix drinks that go with the destination. A pot of English tea for Sherlock Holmes or Chinese tea for Judge Dee, an espesso for the Commisarios Montalbano or Brunetti, or a beer for Maigret. Yes, he is French, but I have been re-reading the books since my high school French teacher said I could read what I liked as long as it was in French and I can tell you Maigret drinks lots of beer.

When the weather breaks we will be busy clearing up the yard and swaping summer things into the storage and winter things out. It will mean long, tiring days.  Then the cats will be demanding since I have “neglected” them for all those chores and evenings will be spent with toys and brushes and catnip. There are other things I have to deal with but we all need time to relax and recuperate. So for now I will get my writing done and relax with a book. For the cats there will be naps and toy mice to torment but for me rainy days are for reading.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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2 Responses to Caturday Thoughts: Rainy Days are for Reading

  1. Lavinia Ross says:

    We are entering the rainy season here now, and I hope to catch up on my own reading pile.


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