Caturday Thoughts – A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Mi Sun feels better now

Mi Sun feels better now

I usually post my Caturday thoughts on Saturday morning but not this week. A concatenation of events piled up like an avalanche sweeping plans and schedule before it to destruction. So we are a day late. Last week  I was taking my coffee cup to the sink and Mi Sun came out of the bottom cabinet, the place she hides when people come into the house she does’t know, meowing and very obviously in pain. She had earlier climbed up onto the futon bed to sit next to her sister Simba and while I will never know for sure I think she came down hard when she tried to get off. She was not happy when her meows for help led to a vet visit but I took her right away and dropped her off without an appointment. My vet’s practice is very good about fitting in a pet when there is an immediate need but it is a drop off  system.

A few hours later I retrieved her with an aftercare sheet, medication and a prescription to fill. I also had a hefty vet bill to pay, leaving me well more than a dollar short. A complete blood panel showed high blood glucose but was otherwise normal. X-rays shows arthritis in knees, hocks and back. This was not unexpected. Mi Sun is older and has been overweight most of her life. Fortunately, after a shot at the vet by the next day she was back to normal. The medication she has to take disappeared in her food and there was no struggle about that. This week we had a follow up visit to check her glucose. In spite of the stress of not wanting to return to the vet, the reading was 83 compared to the previous 246. Diabetes was ruled out and her medication was stepped back.

Mi Sun’s follow-up was on Wednesday. I breathed a sigh of relief. That afternoon the cat sitter came to pick up her key. I am going this coming week to a three day class for credentialing with the International Coach Federation. It was not cheap and it would be difficult to re-schedule. Then Thursday morning my jaw began to ache where I had my dental work done. By mid-morning there was no mistake,  there was a problem. I called Dr Kim. They are closed on Thursday but I reached him and scheduled to come in Saturday afternoon and got a refill of antibiotic to tide me over.

On top of that, Friday morning Simba didn’t want breakfast and started hiding in the kitchen cupboard. Back to the vet unscheduled with Simba. The antibiotic and ibuprofen had my problem under control but what was wrong with Simba? The cleaners had a change in schedule which was fortunate, they came in the afternoon which freed me to deal with Simba. Since both she and Mi Sun had recently been showing signs of allergic dermatitis I was happy when the new woman volunteered that since I had cats she would only use bleach. Many household cleaners are detrimental to cats, especially the pine cleaners.

Toward the end of the day the vet called. Simba had several problems possibly related, possibly not. The was virtually no bacteria in her culture but her white cell count was up. She got some amoxicillin, the same antibiotic I got from Dr. Kim. She did not get much that night, she didn’t feel like eating but she had eaten a little at the vet. The next morning she attacked one of the bowls of kibble before I could mix soft food with medication, she drank her normal drink of water and used her box so I left for Dr. Kim’s assured she would last until I got home.

Dr Kim re-did the root canal. He could not get the crown off to do it the easy way, even with his fancy new laser. So I got the drill in from the side approach. I felt like an oil field being lateral drilled and fracked. And like oil drillers Dr. Kim was having trouble with the drilling equipment. My bone is apparently akin to the really tough granite and basalt that eats rigger’s drill bits. Still, the job got done, although it took an hour and a half in the chair. I felt good enough to stop at my favorite country ice cream stand for a creme brulee milk shake on the way home.

Simba back safe in her carrier, her normal "safe place".

Simba back safe in her carrier, her normal “safe place”.

When I arrived Simba was not hiding under the cupboard and ate a full meal of the soft food with her antibiotic mixed in, which made me feel better. I took my own meds and reheated the left-over pad thai I had from lunch. I always do better at the dentist on a full stomach, all that swallowing and not so pleasant tasting stuff in my mouth makes for a tummy upset, I don’t need that on top of dental discomfort. I went to sleep early, happy I had acted decisively to fix all the problems.

At four AM I woke up to a painful jaw. The cats, being nocturnal, were already awake. We usually get up before sunrise, so this was greeted as a sign I was going to serve breakfast, which I did after gulping down two more ibuprofen. Simba ate kibble in the normal fashion. I went back to bed and succeeded in falling asleep. When I woke at 8:30 I saw in front of the carrier where Simba had been napping two pools of vomit which looked like last nights dinner. It cleaned up easily enough but left me wondering how much antibiotic Simba absorbed and if she was hungry, When she went to her box i found no evidence of her effort and decided nothing could come out if nothing stayed in. I offered her half a small can of food without the amoxicillin which she ate. A couple of hours later I offered more of her medicated soft food diluted with water. She lapped up the liquid and some of the food.  It could be the pre-mixed antibiotic disagrees with her.

Meanwhile I had to take more ibuprofen, by ten or so I was starting to hurt. The pain is different than two days ago. Before the work the area was hot to the touch, as is often the case with infection, and the swelling was diffuse. Now my jaw is not hot and the swelling is confined to a small hard lump.  The pain is a sull ache with a lot of soreness and stiffness. It feels more like I got a good right hook to the jaw than a toothache, so I am hoping some icing today will help.

The last week has been akin to a medical melodrama. It has left me a day late and a dollar short, as my grandfather used to say. He also used to say troubles come in threes, so I hope our quota has been reached for the time being. Dr. Kim has been my dentist for many years and was surprised at the level of cellular debris he removed, commenting that something must be depressing my immune system. He normally expected me to heal much faster and fight infection much better. The vet ran down a long list of stresses that could be impacting Simba. There’s another way we are like the medical melodrama. I am going to imitate television’s Dr. House and solve the mystery of what is running us down, so will will avoid in the future being a day late and a dollar short.           


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8 Responses to Caturday Thoughts – A Day Late and a Dollar Short

  1. KM Huber says:

    Wow! Hope this all evens out for you.


  2. angela1313 says:

    Thanks Karen, Compared to what you have been through this is just a headache. It’s the bloody bad timing that’s the most annoying, The course next week is important and I was looking forward to it.


  3. Lavinia Ross says:

    Sorry to hear both you and Mi Sun were not feeling well. It’s rough when cat and caregiver are both hurting. Wishing you both a speedy recovery.


    • angela1313 says:

      Mi Sun is doing fine now. I told her we are both too old for climbing. Dr. Kim redid my root canal and I am better and Simba is also on the mend, eating like crazy. Thanks for your kind thoughts.


  4. You seem to have had busy days with cats, teeth, doctors, but I understood from the comments that everything is okay now. So the life goes on.


  5. tanssityttö says:

    What a cute cat! 🙂


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