White Dew 白露 (bái lù )

White Dew Today begins the solar term White Dew, which marks transition from summer to autumn. In China the temperature drops sharply, and the autumn rains come. Here the temperature dropped a little last week but I think from looking at the radar it was the after effects of the tropical storm. Yesterday was back to hot and muggy. But perhaps we are closer to being in line with the solar term than the mid-day temperatures would suggest. Tuesday morning I left early to return to Dr Kim for a follow up check on all my dental work. For the first time since the start of summer the windshield n the truck was covered in condensation. This is the white dew of the solar term when cooler evenings condense the water vapor in the air. I am looking forward to autumn. Even now by mid-morning  kitchen gets uncomfortable . Fall will be a much more productive time.  I will have more energy when walking from one room to another does not leave me dripping wet and i can go back to eating on a normal schedule.

It will soon be time to take all the cozy cat beds  and blankets out again. This will really be important for Mi Sun. She frightened me yesterday. She had climbed up onto the futon bed with Simba and then apparently had trouble getting down. When I went to return my coffee cup to the kitchen she came out of the bottom kitchen cabinet, her favorite retreat when upset,  and lay on her side meowing in the most distressing way. Even though she was scheduled for the vet on Friday off we went right away. Since the vet’s day was already scheduled I dropped her off and went to my coaching session. On return to pick her up Dr Kelly said she was showing signs of arthritis in her knees and back and yes, she had been in pain. I am sure she same down off the futon bed hard and aggravated the problem. She is now a senior cat and has been overweight since YJ first adopted her. She seems better this morning after the shot she got and resting yesterday. Still, there will be medication, possibly for the rest of her life. She is already on the special diet food and hopefully getting more weight off will help. It will be important to keep her warm and have comfortable resting places for her. We will have to winterize this leaky, drafty old house well util we move. I have osteoarthritis myself and know what it takes to keep the pain at bay.

White Dew

We will only have the farmer’s market another month or so. It is one of the few worthwhile things here. I will just have to drive out to the farms and hope the global warming no one here believes in keeps the winter from being to harsh to travel for what I need.

White DewIn the meantime we will try to keep Mi Sun comfortable and enjoy my favorite season. Soon the white dew on the windshield will not be quickly displaced by the wiper blades. Soon enough it will require a scraper and the truck defroster to run a bit. Like the squirrels we will scramble to put in stores for winter and get our nest fortified against the cold. We are not quite ready to fly away like the birds to warmer climes but that is coming too, in time.


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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