Caturday Thoughts – Cats Can’t be Cool Cats in Hot Weather

Cool CatsThis week I heard geese honking overhead for the first time in months. It is a welcome harbinger of cooler weather. Yesterday morning I noticed that neither my cleaner or I were dripping with sweat as I followed her out the front door to cut a clipping of a plant she wanted. She was going to try and root the cutting to get a plant for herself. Just to be sure I wasn’t deluding myself, I checked the forecast on line when I went back in. Yes, we are getting four days of cooler weather. By the middle of next week it will get very hot again, but at least there will be a few days to get some work done without feeling like I’m doing it in a steam room.

The cats are showing more energy. Cloud chased the laser dot all around the house for several minutes yesterday morning before the cleaner came. Cats can’t be cool in muggy weather but now they can look forward to rescue from the indignity of embarrassing poses as they sleep on their backs with feet in the air. I really wanted a tummy shot of Mi sun but at the first sign of movement toward the camera she twisted around with great effort to an upright position. Then there was a harangue of meows as I was told in no uncertain terms that putting her through all that effort was not very kind. No embarrassing snaps of the Empress Dowager Mi Sun, no indeed! Being cool is not just about the temperature.

Cool CatsCats need to be cool in the image sense as well.  They have a reputation to maintain. They don’t loose their balance, they always land on their feet. Cats believe they are the feline equivalent of Steve McQueen. All those amazing leaps and jumps and walking narrow ledges and fence tops is just like Steve  doing his own stunts, racing cars and motorcycles, they say. Cats look good, like Steve, they tell me. Cats are survivors, tough and adaptable, like McQueen. His true life story is more full of action than most of his movies. So Cloud is glad for the change in the weather, he now feels like his old self, chasing the laser dot around the house as recklessly as Steve drove through San Francisco in Bullitt.

All cats might not think they are Steve McQueen though. I am sure Mi Sun believes she is the feline equivalent of Wu Zetian, the empress of Emperor Gaozong of Tang Dynasty. She held power for 47 years and actually ruled as emperor for 16 years, the only woman in five thousand years to do so. Dignity is very important to Mi Sun. Sleeping on her back to stay cool was not dignified. Now she will sleep in her normal curled ball and there will be no chance for a tummy shot. I will have to think ahead and have the camera handy if the heat returns next week. And I  will just have to be sneakier to get that paparazzi shot of wily Empress Mi Sun.

Cool Cats

Mi Sun’s Alter Ego Empress/Emperor Wu Zetian



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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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