Caturday Thoughts – End of Heat 处暑 Makes Happy Cats

End of Heat

The Chinese calendar entered the period referred to by the solar term of End of Heat on the 23rd. Depending on location things may or may not cool off at this point. How much they will cool at all is becoming a question in some places. Traditionally at this time of year the worst of the heat is over and farmers begin to look towardthe harvest.In the United States it is the time school starts again after the summer break and vacationing cmes to an end. Summer breaks in Europe also end around this time. It is a time of transition in the human world as well as in nature.

It should be a time of thought and planning but all too often the preparations for return to school and the upswing of activity in workplaces allows no time for this. The brief respite of summer is soon replaced by demanding routines. The time which dilated over the long free days contracts again and we are back on the treadmill. It might still be a good idea to find a little time while the days are still long to do some reflecting and  think of changes that could improve life.

The heat has not really ended. Europe is having another heat wave. It is still very uncomfortable here even as early as 9:00AM. The cats adapt. Like nomads they migrate to the shady side of the house as the sun changes position. I just move away from the window. In the morning it is on the shady side and I enjoy my coffee there, but by afternoon the sun is pouring in along with heat reflected from my neighbor’s light colored sidng. So I sit on the floor with the fans aimed toward me.  After living in Korea, spending time on the floor is natural to me and after all, heat rises, so it’s coolest there.

I have been thinking about steps to take to improve life or myself and the cats. After a very frustrating round of internet searching and three days of phone calls I finally found a professional lawn & yard person who will hopefully show up as promised at the beginning of next week. Any time I can free up time from mundane tasks to work on my writing and web design projects. I love gardening but hate lawns and the obsession Americans have with them. I also found a cat sitter I really feel comfortable with and a cleaner who does a great job.

timeIt may seem like I am carrying on like I have a huge estate or that I am spending money because I am too lazy to do these things. The truth is building a business I enjoy doing to keep money coming in and having tme to work with volunteer efforts I want to support are a higher prioriity. Having the tie to play with the cats and provide enrichment for their lives is right on top of the list. No matter what I do there are only 24 hours in the day and any time spent that doesn’t suport progress in the important things is a drag on that progress. The saying time is money is true but time is more precious. There are always chances to make more money but time lost is gone forever.

The excessive heat of this year’s summer will fade. In the cooler weather I will have more energy and will fit more in to those 24 hours. The cats will spend less time sleeping on their backs and migrating from room to room. We will all have the energy to chase the laser dot again, something Cloud loves but has not asked for in weeks. I will finish the classes I have been writing. Feeling comfortable and productive I will be happier. Feeling comforatble in weather a fur coat is right for will give the cats energy to play and be less bored.  The end of heat makes happy cats.

End of Heat


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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2 Responses to Caturday Thoughts – End of Heat 处暑 Makes Happy Cats

  1. Lavinia Ross says:

    That is a beautiful end photo there. A hot summer has a way of bringing on an early fall in terms of leaf yellowing and early drop. Hottest we have seen so far in my neck of the woods is 105 this year, 112 back in 2009. Cats and crew are looking forward to autumn ourselves.


    • angela1313 says:

      Last year was globally hottest on record, until this year(sigh). Wish I could claim credit for the picture but it’s from


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