Caturday Thoughts – Simba Goes to the Vet

I hate that car ride! Do I have to go?

I hate that car ride! Do I have to go?

Monday Simba went to the vet’s office. She really did not want to go but I got her into the carrier without much trouble. One reason is she is no longer a young cat and can’t outrun me any more. Even though in my head she is still much younger, the vet reminded me she is now thirteen. I still remember so clearly the day I went to view the room YJ was offering for rent and saw that little orange face looking out the patio doors. It really was love at first sight, at least for me. I have always loved cats but could never have any growing up, my father was violently allergic. The friend who suggested YJ’s place would be a better fit for me than her when she gave me the ad pointed out he said he had four cats. She was right, it was a definite inducement. Of course they all ran into his bedroom and hid under the bed that day but it didn’t take them long to figure out who was a sucker for cats.

Simba and Misun are with me now because YJ’s asthma got bad one summer and the doctors said it was the cats. I took over all their care and when he moved they stayed with me. He kept Shinki the Bengal with him. Even with asthma he really wanted to have at least one cat companion. Mi Sun has always been overweight even though both YJ and I gave her measured, high quality food, and so last fall we put her on presciption food. Simba had gained weight too so she went on the prescription diet as well. Since Mi Sun was older and had been overwieght so much of her life I decided to put her on pet insurance after that vet visit last fall. I was thinking about diabetes, really, but it seemed like a good idea for a number of reasons.

Simba and Mi Sun are sisters and I realized Simba really needed to be put on the pet insurance as well. So after we got home from the visit I enrolled her. There was a time I though I could not afford pet insurance but after losing Mosby and Tony to cancer I know it’s just the opposite. Tony was only sick for five days before he passed but having him on the insurance made a major difference.

The vet was really happy Simba had lost almost all the weight she wanted her to and she was in good shape, except for some mild signs of allergy. I know it is the house. Even the nice woman from the cleaning service I hired noticed things I think are signs of mold beneath the house. That will be fixed when we move but I am being very particular. There is no point in jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

I take Mi Sun and Simba to the vet twice a year because of their age and they get a complete set of blood and urine tests once a year when they get their rabies shots. Next year they will be on the cusp of being geriatric cats and I may have them tested twice a year. Cats can get sick quickly with no warning signs, so if I have to forfeit a couple of meals out or specialty coffees to do it I will. Really, that’s about what it costs and while an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure may be a tired old saying, it is still true.

I love my cats and they love me. They can’t use the telephone and make appointments or drive a car. I have to make their life arrangements and someties have them do things they would rather not, like go to the vet. I also take better care f myself, because I know they rely on me. The joy they bring me is worth any effort and expense. What kind of price do you put on unconditional love?

Although Smba didn’t want to go in the carrier for the ride to the vet I am happy to say she has returned to napping in it again after avoiding it for a long time after Tony died. Little Skye was using it and I suppose Simba has decided it is safe if Skye thinks it is. So now Simba is back in her safe place, her shots, tests and exam over and covered by insurance, just in case. The little orange face that changed my life.

Simba's Safe Place


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2 Responses to Caturday Thoughts – Simba Goes to the Vet

  1. A girl orange cat! I’ve had two boy oranges in the past and my current kitty, Chewie is orange and a boy too. As of this Weds, I’m bringing home my foster to adopt cat. He’s really shy at the shelter but he likes to clean my hair. Hope my cat likes him – thats why its foster to adopt.

    Simba looks great for her age. Hope your furry kids are ok. She looks really good.

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