Caturday Thoughts – Sails and Anchors

Mosaico_Trabajos_Hércules_(M.A.N._Madrid)_02Putting ten pounds in a five pound bag was an expression my father used. Lately it seems as though that is what I have been trying to do, although it is far from my intention to over book my time. I have looked hard at what I’m doing in different ways to try and find a way to shorten a to do list that is like the mythical Hydta. I clear an item and like the Hydra growing two heads where Heracles (Hercules) lopped off one, my list seems to add even more items. One of the problems I have minimized is outside demands placed by others that do not forward my goals but drain my time. The only area where this is still a problem is with the house and yard. A typical story of a landlord who will not fix anything, extremely warm and wet weather that has every thing growing at a berserk rate, humidity so high the lawn is still too wet to mow at 1:30 in the afternoon. There are solutions for all this. They involving moving and are complex and long range. More Hydra heads growing in that direction. I’m afraid.

To keep from getting discouraged I decided to see what I had engineered for myself tht was helping versus things which were hampering me. I used to love sailing when I live near the ocean. The nautical term draggin your anchor means you are being moved by wind and waves in spite of having dropped your anchot to hold you in one spot. Sometimes anchors are employed in this waay deliberately to stabilize the ship in hard weather. The term is also used by sailors to describe someone moving slowly, being very tired, or impeded by something. So I mae two lists which I titled sails and anchors.

file000323508593Aside from taking care of the housse and yard, a major anchor there is the weather. It seems as though the grass and weeds grow so much faster than my herbs, flowers and vegetables.  I spend way to much time on lawn mowing. The bushes planted by others in years past need constant trimming, My numerous attempts to find proper garden help have been inadequate at best and disastrous at worst. I would ignore it but then petty bureaucrats with nothing better to do would bug my landlord about the yard and he would bug me. This happens to other friends of mine in other small towns, in places as diverse as Massachusetts, West Virginia and California, so I am factoring it into the move solution. For now I just brave the heat, humidity and over the top UV exposure and do what I can. That leads to another anchor, though, because I have to spend time cooling down and getting rehydrated. It’s very exhausting and someties I come in with a brain that just wants to do nothng when I should be coding, or downloading media or writing. My new laptop, for whch I paid quite a bit and had custom ordered through my local tech people has a touchpad that is left shifted so that when I use it I find myself right clicking all the time. I am right handded, like most people and I am getting pains in mt wrist from reaching across to the left to hit the tiny area in the upper left of the pad. Clicking to select and sort emails is a struggle. Since it’s only a few seconds at a tme it is hard to calculate how much time I am loosing but between that and the fact that the touch pad often won’t select at all and the delete key is next to the page up so when I’m typing fast I sometimes page up when I wanted to delete a typo is adding up to lost time. Then of couse Windows 10 is a time vampire of incredible proportions but this is so well known and frustrating I am going on to the sails part of my list before my blood pressue starts gooing up thinking about it.

Flagship Niagara

As for sails, I finally found a proper cleaning service. The cleaner comes on time, a lovely lady from Argentina and the owner, another immigrant, a Hungarian, sends my bill through email and I can pay through Paypal automatically. For literally years the locals I tried were unreliable or did very sloppy, inept work. I am meeting with a potential cat sitter next week. Although she lives about twenty minutes away I found her through her website, the first of many I have looked into who even bothered to have one. She has very good reviews on Angie’s List and replied very quickly to her internet contact form I sent. Professionalism is so rare around here I am very hopeful. She has four cats herself so that is a real plus. One of my abchors has been the inability to travel because I had no one I trusted to care for the cats.

Dr Kim got all my dental issues taken care of very quickly so while it is not a sail, it is loosing an anchor. Finally I had time to deal with poor Tony, who has been in my chest freezer until yesterday, when I drove him up to the crematorium in Maryland. It is a lovely human funeral home and they treat those bringing in pets with the same care and professionalism as those bringing in human family members. So I wouldn’t have to spend money on a hotel, because it takes 24 to 48 hours for the cremation, they will priority ship him back to me. This is the same place I took Mosby and little Mini two years ago and Tony’s ashes will be in an urn that matches Mosby’s. They came to me together and I liked that they would be in matching urns. Again, while not a sail, it is an item off the list and a weight off my mind. It was still rather saddening, wrapping him in his blanket and placing his prayer mandala and sme catnip with him, before the attendant took him in, but fortunately I got to go from there to the herb farm of a woman I have knowm snce I lived in Annapolis. I spent a couple of hours wandering her gardens and sitting in her new pavilion by the small pond she has, watching the hummingbirds and goldfinches. So many of my favorie businesses have gone it was wonderfulto see Willow Oak ,prospering and to know that the state has designated her 49 acres as a preserve because the area has really built up and become congested since I lived there. My favorite Mexican restaurant there is still going strong as well so I had a nice dinner before the long drive home through the nightmare traffic around Washington and in northern Virginia. Talk about anchors! Inspite of the purpose of the trip, getting to visit those places, have a nice afternoon and do most of my driving after it cooled down some was a definite sail.

Pavilion at Willow Oak Flower and Herb Farm in Odenton MD.

Pavilion at Willow Oak Flower and Herb Farm in Odenton MD.


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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6 Responses to Caturday Thoughts – Sails and Anchors

  1. robert okaji says:

    I don’t miss any of the anchors I’ve let go over the past few years.


  2. angela1313 says:

    Neither do I. Some have been two legged and some logistical but I much prefer smooth and unencumbered sailing. Stay cool, here we are having weather that reminds me of my time in San Antonio,only even more humid.


  3. weggieboy says:

    In my small town (approximately 8600 people), the veterinarian I take my cats to provides cremation for pets at no cost to regular customers. I had one spread under a tree in their front yard, but brought the cremated remains of another home.


    • angela1313 says:

      My vet will send out to a crematorium but Tony passed at home and this place is actually a family run funeral home I’ve done dusiness with before. It’s lovely your bet is so kind and generous.


  4. Lavinia Ross says:

    I am sorry for the loss of your companion Tony, Angela. I am lucky I have the space here to bury our departed ones, and plant flowers on the sites.


    • angela1313 says:

      Since I am a renter and don’t plan on staying here it is a little different. Thank you for your kind thoughts, Tony was quite a character. I was blessed to have him for eight years but then, he was lucky too, he almost went to a kill shelter.


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