Caturday Thoughts – No Fat Cats Allowed

PICT0117Milk went to the vet Monday morning. She had gained a pound since last year. I put on a pair of jeans that were just a liitle snug. Out came th scale. Yes indeed I had put on weight also. It is time for everyone to shed a few pounds, we are not going to be part of the obesity epidemic. We are not going to get diabetes. Once a year rabies injections are enough of a struggle, daily (or more) insulin injections would not be enjoyed by the giver or the feline recipient. Misun has always been overweight, I got it down for a while then life’s craziness intervened and I was not as diligent about monitoring her as I should have been. I don’t want her to develop arthritis. She is now officially a senior cat and I need to watch for that. No one will ever accuse  Simba of being undernourished either. So I special ordered the big bag of prescription metabolic food and I will switch them back over.

I was looking for a focus for my new gong and when the weekly topic in my on line group turned out to be overeating I knew the universe was saying “This is it!” A gong is anything you make a conscious commitment to do for self improvementone for a fixed number of days and has it’s root in Chinese martial arts and health as in Qi Gong. My gongs are one hundred days, my teacher was not the only one who has told me it takes ninety days to break or instill a habit. The thing is, if you miss a day of whatever it is you committed to, you have to begin again at day one.  This is good incentive to not make excuses and stick to your intention. However it is a challenge and I know from experience how easy it is to get sidetracked.

00659I had commented during the weekly on line meet that my Korean friends say they stay thinner than Americas because soup is a part of most meals. People liked the comment and the multiple benefits of soup were discussed. I woke the following morning with an inspiration. I would loose weight by eating soup every day. Soup is easy to portion, easy to measure out. It can be made ahead. If I should get busy I could still keep to my gong by having a cold or quickly heated soup. Even most restaurants offer a soup, usually a much lower calories choice than any other. Still, I would have to face the prospect of food boredom if I repeated the same standard soups over and over.

SAM_1486Then another inspiration struck. I wuold find one hundred different soups from one hundred different countries and make the gong a real adventure. We have been having really hot, muggy weather but I can still have soup. I can have gazpacho from Spain,   fruit soup from Sweden, borscht from Ukraine and vichysoisse from (wrong, not France) New York. I am sure I will find others.

In my travels and in my work teaching English I have observed that people are usually proud and happy to share the food f their countries or region. I look forward to spending a few hours researching in order to fill in the days with new foods and recipes and planning what soups to have in what order as I transition from the heat of high summer to the cool of autumn. I look even more to turning loosing weight from a struggle into fun, a vicarious trip around the world. If I am tempted to feel sorry that the cats have such a limited menu I only have to remember all the rejected flavors and brands of the past.  As long as they loose their excess weight I will be happy.

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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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