Caturday Thoughts – Cats Think Humans Have Crazy Priorities

The cats have their priorities and stick to them with a tenacity worthy of a Steve Jobs. Food must be delivered at the proper times and litter boxes must be maintained scrupulously. In the evening, if I continue working at the desk too long, Mi Sun starts an annoying series of meows that would do a Siamese proud. This means I have to stop work, lay down with her, and pet or brush her for half an hour or so. Then she’ll move away and Simba will demand the same, then Dolly or Milk or Cloud. This is one reason I have to have a laptop as well as the desktop computer. I actually have the laptop on my lap as I sit on the floor with the cats. Usually that’s when I am deleting old emails or reading the blogs I follow, somthing I can do with one hand on the keyboard or touch pad and the other on a cat.

S7302894The cats could care less if I cleaned the house, except for their boxes. I need the house to be clean however. This old place is falling apart and really hard to keep clean. My next door neighbor, who has central air and keeps her house closed up, says even she notices there is a lot of dust and dirt coming in and attributes it to the busy street out in front. Earlier on, when my arthritis was really bad I tried to find a cleaner. It was a complete failure. However I recently tried again and found a very professional service run by a nice Hungarian immigrant. His crews get done in an hour what takes me a day or more. It is well worth the money, while cleaning the house is a priority, it is not a priority that takes me toward my goals. The cats have taught me focus is important if you are intent on getting what you want.

This they reconize.

This they reconize.

It frees time for me to work on my garden. This is a human priority and while it does not put me toward my goals, except those of staying healthy and sane, those are neceassary to reach the others, I think. I am afraid getting yard help is even more of a failure than household help. It seems proper gardeners are a thing of the past, if they even existed in this part of the world at all. All they seem to be capable of is mowing lawns and weed whacking everything in sight, unable to distinguish herbs, flowers and any vegetable except a tomto plant. Also, they have a very inflated sense of what their service is worht and a very poor sense of arriving on schedule. My time is too important to be waiting around wondering if they will show. Excercies is important anyway, and is a high priority if I want to keep the arthritis at bay, so I mow myself and my garden is safe.  I have several green tomatoes on the vine and blackberries slowly darking from pale pink to dark purple, so keeping an eye on them is another prIority as is checking to see the potted plants are getting enough water. It seems we  have days of rain which over waters them and then days of intense sun which dries them out too fast. The cats may not realize it but my keeping up with the garden is a priority for them as well if they want their supply of catnip.

Another priority that keeps me on the computer is responding to a request I develop a class on sacred geometry. Mi Sun has no conception of classes or book learning, all her education came from either a cat mother or a human foster far in the past. So even when I concede to working on the laptop on the floor so she can be close, I am still periodically interupted by demands for petting. I don’t really mind. There is plenty of time to work while she and the other cats nap, usually in the mid-morning after I feed them and am done with the routineof tidying up. When I think of the cats I lost too soon, I am reminded that the only thing I might regret is not paying enough attention to them while they are with me.  That is one of the priorities we share and perhaps the most important of all

Nap Time for Mi Sun, a high priotity

Nap Time for Mi Sun, a high priotity


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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