Caturday Thoughts – Staying calm through the good and the bad

file7331341154530The started out beautifully yesterday and the drive to the city was uneventful. The destination was Dr. Kim’s office for the installation of my crown,  After all the input about the agony of root canals I have to say I preferred the root canal to the process of fitting the crown. The painkiller injected for the root canal was very effective and Dr. Kim does excellent work so that evening all I needed was on ibuprofen tablet left on my prescription and I was fine. There is no way to block the noise and vibration from the high speed drill that shot into by blocked ear like an icepick. Just as with oil wells drilling requires cooling and that requires water, which meant during the entire process I felt like I was drowning. If anyone should ever tell me water-boarding is not torture they will not like my response. Not moving was almost impossible but stillness was required. I could only concentrate on my breathing and be thankful for those years of yoga. Staying calm through the bad, yoga very helpful there.

rain ride MGD©Since driving out of the metropolitan Washington DC area on a Friday evening is a nightmare of apocalyptic proportions, I decided to eat dinner and wait for some of the traffic to clear. There is an excellent sushi restaurant next to my business mail drop and I had a lovely dinner at the sushi bar. It was easy to stay calm as I enjoyed my meal. Even though I left after 6:30 the traffic was still heavy for another forty five miles. Just when it cleared I drove into torrential rain simulating the car wash experience for another twenty miles. Ir was easier to stay calm in this than in the dentist’s chair, especially since at the decision point between two routes home it cleared. The shorter route is a winding switchback road through Shenandoah National Park and it can get a little demanding in heavy rain. It often gets densely foggy, you are actually in the clouds. Instead it was cool and and a very calming drive. That clean smell that comes after the rain hung in the air. Any tension from the carwash drive was wafted away on that cool, scented air.

The sun was setting and I knew I was later than normal getting home, which meant the cats were probably famished. They get a small amount of “crunchies” in the morning and wet food in the evening. So I was a little concerned as I came into town all the lights seemed to be out. Yes indeed there was a power failure, although it was in a strange patchwork of lights in one area and darkness in another. The house was dark when I pulled up. I remained calm, because I had recently put new batteries in the flash light and put it right to hand in the living room. In less than twenty minutes I’d gotten it out, collected the cans and bowls and fed the cats, who held no grudge on the late meal but did want extra attention. Having been away all day and a bit on the tired side I was more than happy to oblige. I was doubly glad, too, that I had stayed to eat a good meal before coming home.

7fFGH24ZThis morning the power and internet were back. Petsmart was having a flash sale so I was lucky I could get online and get my email. I went to the bank for cash and the machine was not working. That is when I saw the sign that said starting back in April there would be no more Saturday hours for the lobby or the drive through. Hard to remain calm. The older vendors usually are set up to take a card but there were some new people I wanted to buy from and I couldn’t. Very annoying. I did however get my flash sale credit for the cat’s food and saved quite a bit. so that helped offset the agitation from the bank.  The trick is, though, to take things as they come and remain calm whether it’s good or bad. It’s the ups and downs that stress the system Calm and mindfulness have become my new watchwords over the last couple of months with the loss of Tony, Dolly’s illness and my dental issues. I have to do it one day at a time, but don’t we all? Cats live in the moment, they don’t stew about things like humans. Even after the epic battle to get Dolly to the opthamologist, as soon as we were home she was pestering for petting and cuddles. No grudge held. They set a wonderful example and for the most part themselves remain calm through good or bad. They are natural yogis and yoginis.


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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