Caturday Thoughts – Good News for Miss Dolly

DollyMiss Dolly is extremely shy and difficult to get a picture of, so please excuse this dark shot. We had a very difficult morning Wednesday. Miss Dolly was scheduled for the veterinary opthamologist when he visited a local clinic. Miss Dolly did NOT want to be put in the carrier, managing to escape once by biting my hand and then hiding behind the stove. Forced out from under the stove she scooted off under the refrigerator where I managed to burn my arm on the motor trying to get her out unharmed (which I did). Finally running our of hiding places she went into the covered litter box. Perfect. I jammed the open end of the carrier against the opening and began tipping the litter box into it. Thankfully she jumped into the carrier before any litter poured in. I pulled the carrier vertical and slammed the door shut. We managed to make it to the vet’s office on time but Miss D was still not happy and hissed nastily at the vet. Still, he managed to check her eye without too much fuss and determined it was an injury and not melanoma. Someone, I can only guess who,  had caught her eye with a claw and punctured all the way through to the lens. The vet was surprised because it appeared to have sealed itself up and was healing on it’s own, not what usually happens in that case.  So now we just watch carefully for any sign of inflammation which was not in evidence at the exam and go back in six months. Within hours of coming home she was rubbing up against me and wanting to be petted as though nothing had happened. Cats.

After my root canal yesterday and the minor war with Miss D earlier this week I am taking it easy and going through all my media files to get them organized. With all the changes in computers and transferring files from one to another my system is totally banjaxed. I went to the farmers market which this week the city managed to squeeze into an even smaller area so as to accommodate one of those cheap carnival outfits. My egg man was not there which was very unusual, fortunately I still have some eggs. The cats are snoozing and for once the humidity is not oppressive so we are having a nice quiet weekend together.  Tomorrow I will have to tackle some yard work, things are growing at a jungle pace, but today is strictly no hard work. I even bought groceries that require no cooking. Dr Kim’s injunction against hard food until the crown is on was the perfect excuse to buy things like soft Brie, Boursin  avocados and horseradish hummus and snack the weekend away.



About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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