Caturday Thoughts – “The thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to”

DollyI don’t feel bad borrowing from Shakespeare, everyone does it and no wonder. Trying to place the above quote to use as a title led me to reread the “To be or not to be” soliloquy. It’s quite amazing the number of marvelous phrases Shakespeare manages to cram in without destroying the integrity of the piece as a whole. The past week began with a swollen jaw for which I called the dentist. Trying to juggle all the  demands of life I failed to keep the dental ball in the air and now need a root canal before my dentist can put on the crown he’s been bugging me to let him put in. My ears have been blocked for weeks and I was trying to clear them before getting into the dentist’s chair unable to  breath through my nose, something necessary when your mouth is full of metallic paraphernalia. A month after Tony’s demise Dolly stopped eating and terrified me. Whatever the cause it passed quickly but in the course of her exam the vet noticed a problem with her eye. This week we go to the feline opthamologist for a definitive diagnosis, which may very well be melanoma.   Trying to keep up with my website building and my school courses when my ear ached, my face was swollen, I had trouble breathing and I was worried to death about my sweet girl was next to useless. I saw Dr Kim Wednesday and I am not sure whether it was his preliminary work or the antibiotic finally kicking in but my face is no longer swollen. My ear still sounds like a bowl of Rice Crispies, although some ibuprophen also seems to be helping the pain..

It seems like the last month has been like the routine of the late country comic Archie Campbell “Oh that’d good! No, that’s bad.” The rain has stopped.”Oh that’d good!” “No that’s bad, because I have to take extra time to water. “I see, that’s bad.” No that’s good because it ensures I get outside for some vitamin D, You get the picture. The lawn man has disappeared again (Bad) and I must do the lawn soon (Good. I don’t pay myself, I save money)  Tai Sun Sweet DreamsSo I am trying to focus on being grateful for the little things. The robin mom is still bringing the little ones to see me each morning and the mockingbird comes by every afternoon, I managed to climb the ladder and clean out the gutters without falling and breaking anything which means I also saved paying the yard man. Extra points on that one. It is warm again, so the cats are napping more and eating less. Misun meowing for more food every time I get up from the computer is annoying but does not make me as crazy as the noisiness from without. There are sirens almost everyday of the week and motorized equipment as well. Imagine living with the city sounds of New York and a clear cut logging site combined, then throw in dog barking and CSX train horns several times a day and you’ve got it. Those cats can sleep through anything. I don’t know how creatures with such sensitive ears do it.

Now it is late afternoon and warm. Since Dr. Kim put me on antibiotics my face is back to normal (“Oh that’s good!”). But,,, “No, that’s bad!” because this morning my gastrointestinal tract was in violent rebellion and I haven’t had any change in my diet and suspect the good bacteria are suffering collateral damage. (“Oh, that’s bad!”).  But…, “No that’s good” because it made me stay home. With all the appointments this coming week I took the morning to organize some things I needed to get out of the way, I gave myself the treat of hiring cleaners to try and give me more time to spend with Dolly and the other cats and to work on websites and content That is indeed good, no buts about it.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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