Caturday Thoughts – Leaving the Nest

DSC09470The robins have all fledged now. A few days ago I saw the mother in the yard  with the last one, still tiny bits of fluff between the feathers. I was afraid he was made to leave before he was ready and could fly properly but his  mother was staying close and he seemed fine. For the two days after that she brought him to the fence next to the window I look out of when I work on the computer, showing me he was OK and coming along just fine. After they hatched and she was hunting food for them she always came and rested a minute or two on the fence and I would talk to her and she would cock her head in that way birds do when they are listening to you. I wish the humans around me were that intelligent and thoughtful. I am increasingly unhappy with where I live. I could run down a laundry list of deficiencies and dissatisfactions but it would be a waste of breath and time and boring besides. I am looking all over for an alternative place that meets our needs but it is complicated, I wish it was for me like it is for the robins, so easy to fly away and relocate to a better home.

file000501846877The irises are just about gone now. In a few weeks  I will dig up and separate many of them and pack them up for replanting. Nothing grew here when I came and I will not abandon the fruits of my labor to neglect and oblivion. It’s past time for most flowers, although I got lovely blossoms from my camellias, also something that wasn’t coming up when I moved in, cut down by the ignorant along with the weeds,  The weather is the same pouring rain or so humid I am soaking wet in five minutes outside. At least there as some sunny days now but all this had lead to a painful blocked eustachian tube, I need to get back to my dentist so he can finish but not being able to breath through your nose doesn’t work at the dentist. Also, the frequencies of the equipment travel through the bone to my ears and with a painful blocked ear I can only imagine the exquisite discomfort I’ll experience. Dr Kim is an ultramodern dentist with very efficient technique as well as the latest equipment but I really need to clear the ear first I think.

The cats know I don’t feel up to par. They are constantly around me. Dolly has a specialist vet appointment coming up which is wearing on me too. It is highly likely that my extremely shy and timid little calico girl has a melanoma in her eye. I think both the pressure on my ear and the pressure on my mind may be contributing to my increasing lack of tolerance for noise, rudeness and stupidity. As a teacher I dislike the word stupid but much of what I am encountering lately can only be described as stupid, sad as it is. I will push on. Mid- week I missed my post I wanted to do but I am building a website I have always wanted to build. I love the theme but the documentation leaves a lot to be desired and is a pain to work with. On the other hand  the person I found to design me a logo is a delight to work with.  So I forgive myself for missing the post and look forward to sharing the  website soon, because yes, against all advice, it is about cats. Follow your passion, right?            



About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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