Caturday Thoughts – House Hunting for Cats

Death_Valley_Mesquite_Flats_Sand_Dunes_2013When house hunting for cats there are many obstacles. Landlords mostly don’t like pets, even when they own them themselves. You have to consider all the usual things, for example, is the neighborhood safe, can you run your business or find a job with a reasonable commute, and do you have access to the goods and services you need. I do not like town life and I don’t care how the managers rhapsodize about their apartment complexes, after the horror of my last apartment,  a tent in Death Valley at the height of summer would be less like a living hell.

The houses that I see that are outside town or city limits all seem to be the standard overbuilt American McMansion.  As someone who worked as a general contractor I know several things about them. One, the pyrite glitz that first gets your attention is betrayed by what lies beneath, like a beautiful, well made up model who is actually suffering from anorexia nervosa and about to collapse. Two, the cost of maintenance and utilities requires a income. Why should I rent something that would house an NFL football team, that I have to clean and heat when I don’t need all that space?

Gammalt_Torp_LjusteröThis Swedish cottage is more like what I am looking for. Of course it’s in Sweden, so I am out of luck, There are other considerations. I haven’t been to a doctor in years but I would need a veterinarian for the cats.  The older ones get bi-annual checkups and then there are emergencies to consider, like when poor Tony got sick, If it were not for that I could make myself comfortable someplace like the okace below. And as long as there were boxes the cats might not mind, especially if there were mice and lizards.too.

Ramah_New_Mexico_Ancient_Cliff_Dwellings (1)

These are ancient cliff dwellings near Ramah New Mexico, a small town in Cibola county. It’s very beautiful country. Unlike Virginia there is not a lot of humidity although it gets slightly colder in the winter. On the other hand, who knows who will be colder or hotter, the weather has been weird all over the world. Even though this is considered dry country when I checked the conditions Southern California was considered in far worse shape. So you can imagine how bad southern California must be with millions of people when Ramah Lake, a bass fishing spot which looked like this in 2006 and had water as late as 2011, is now dried up. We so take water for granted, but having water, clean water, is now another factor in house hunting for cats and humans.HP

I actually have land in this area but I have to consider whether i could bring in a well. I saw somewhere in my reading some California communities are instituting building and water hookup moratoriums. Then there are urban communities with bad water , too, like poor Flint Michigan.

So no matter where or how I go house hunting for cats, there will be obstacles and difficulties. I can only keep looking for a home and community that meets our needs. There must be one out there somewhere. At least I gave the robins a good home for the time I could, they are getting active in the nest now and will soon be free to fly to where ever they are comfortable. I wish the cats and I could do the same.

If anyone cares to look hers is the drought map. Leave it to the governent to have a long link that refuses to fit on one line.

Side note: I always try to list a a good attribution for my photos. They are usually from or Wikipedia. Often there is not much extra info but this person had a link to a gallery. Hidden away in Wikipedia is a treasure of beautiful photography. Please take a look., the name links to the gallery.

Mesquite Flats Sand Dunes in Death Valley
Tuxyso Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Swedish Cottage By Lidingo – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Ramah Lake By Milton given to public domain via Wikipedia


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