Caturday Thoughts – Humans work, cats nap

IrisesThe irises are blooming now. The catnip is getting tall enough to cut. This is welcomed in our house far more than the mint,  the lovage  or the rue. Yesterday the skies finally cleared and I worked on organizing my storage unit a little, then came home to do more weeding. The day before the neighbor had a stump ground down. It was from a really big old maple and it was making lovely mulch. I asked one of the workers if they sold the mulch and he said they gave it away. When I asked if they would leave me some they did indeed leave a small pile at the corner of the yard. This will go nicely around the catnip and rue. I am so glad I bothered to ask and got a tiny piece of the bounty of the universe. There are still plants to put in and although thankfully the skies are clear this morning, a massive line of thunderstorms is already showing on the radar. The weather has me behind in the garden and the yard as well as clearing and organizing the house but I am catching up.

Simba's Safe PlaceToday there will be no farmer’s market. The downtown is being taken over for a soapbox derby. I will be avoiding the congestion to visit some stores in a neighboring town that are having a fair trade day. I try to support such efforts. While I am gone the cats will probably all sleep. It would be nice if someone would catch the loud fly that got in the other day, but cat’s do sleep a lot. Simba used to like to sleep in the carrier but hasn’t since Tony chose to go into it to die. I cleaned it with bleach and changed the blanket and Skye has napped in it, but not Simba. I hope someday she will feel comfortable in her favorite safe place again. that was the carrier she liked. In the meantime there are plenty of good napping spots, the house is organized more for the cats than for me. I don’t mind, their contentment is important to me.                  
I should add that the robin came back after a brief disappearance which initially saddened me. Now she is on the nest almost constantly and my mail is still on hold for pickup. I think the weather stayed cool too long and she postponed laying. Smart girl. The cats in the front window have not put her off for which I am glad.

Cloud Napping in the Sun

Cloud Napping in the Sun


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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  1. donutsplace says: does loiok like your cat! =^_^=


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