Caturday Thoughts – In a Lighter Vein

Tai Sun Sweet DreamsMi Sun and Tony did not always get along. Both of them thought they should be the boss. Both of them thought I should pay attention first to them. In eight years I never heard Tony meow, he only talked in his private Tony language. Missing his special talk I realized none of my cats vocalize in the typical “meow” most people use to describe cat talk. Mi Sun has a demand statement for when she wants me to wake up, get food or come into the room she wants to be in. I hear lots of people say their cats follow them from room to room but no one ever says their cat insists they follow to the rooms the cat wants to be in.

The demand call is an emphatic “Mao!” followed by a short pause and “Ma!” When she does that I will say “Ma!” back to her and she will repeat “Ma!” Talk about “She Who Must Be Obeyed”, it makes me feel like Rumpole of the Bailey with his wife. She is a portly older girl so  I nicknamed her the Dowager Empress Mao Ma. I wanted to find characters that made a name with meaning out of that but there are a lot of characters that are “mao” and”ma” just for starters and my Chinese is far from fluent. Still, this form of “mao” means cat,

which is a character I learned early on, naturally, so I of course took the easy way and used it.  I did some research and found this character.

It can have a meaning of cursing or abusing but also to scold, which is a pretty accurate verb for Misun’s demand call. So her fancy reign title actually means “The cat scold”. Not the best Chinese, really, but it works. “The cat who scolds” would be more accurately

貓誰骂        貓誰罵

both of which are “ma shui ma” in Pinyin and you see there are two characters for “ma” and both can mean scold or curse.

In the meantime, wanting  to post in a lighter vein after Tony’s passing I wrote a little poem for her and the other cats.

All my cats are very vocal                                                                                                                   but none of them will say “Meow”.                                                                                                      I tease them they must be Chinese                                                                                        because they all say “Mao!”

Today will be busy because now the farmer’s market is open and I have a bag of donations for the cat rescue thrift. I am out of coffee cream and I need drain cleaner to keep the horrible plumbing in this house clear. It has been raining fairly hard and steadily for several days. I wish I could send this weather to Canada to put out that terrible fire. I cannot mow the lawn and some of the the weeds in the garden are beginning to resemble the plant in Little Shop of Horrors. I haven’t gone out and must take advantage of the fact that today will only be dark, cool and cloudy until this afternoon.


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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