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Caturday Thoughts – House Hunting for Cats

When house hunting for cats there are many obstacles. Landlords mostly don’t like pets, even when they own them themselves. You have to consider all the usual things, for example, is the neighborhood safe, can you run your business or find … Continue reading

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Reasons I Have Summer Blues 2016

The lawn man disappeared after one mowing. I had purchased a manual mower, hoping to cut down the expense. He wanted twenty dollars an hour more than I can get for tutoring. And of course we have had weeks of … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – We Miss the Sun

It seems I am not the only one suffering from the dark and gloomy weather. The cats seem to be missing the sun as well. This neighborhood, having been designed like so many without regard for Feng Shui or the … Continue reading

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Rainy Days are Soup Days

We had one day, Monday, forecast to be sunny. I chose to use it to run errands, one of which was to stop at the Asian grocery. They had lovely shiitake mushrooms on sale. I could not resist getting a … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – Humans work, cats nap

The irises are blooming now. The catnip is getting tall enough to cut. This is welcomed in our house far more than the mint,  the lovage  or the rue. Yesterday the skies finally cleared and I worked on organizing my … Continue reading

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Years as a corporate accountant robbed me of my health.When at last I recovered it I realized something else equally precious had been lost, my creativity. I used to tell my students if you are creative in accounting eventually you … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – In a Lighter Vein

Mi Sun and Tony did not always get along. Both of them thought they should be the boss. Both of them thought I should pay attention first to them. In eight years I never heard Tony meow, he only talked … Continue reading

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