Houseguest on the Porch Light

P1040833My front porch light is draped with nylon twine and debris from my neighbor’s ornamental grass. The pile has been slowly accumulating in spite of several bouts of cold, high wind. Until a few days ago the relentless vandal was never seen. Then one afternoon I stuck my head and arm out the door to grab the mail. There was a loud squawk and a flapping of wings. A robin flew into the big front yard tree. I have a house guest. For the next few weeks  I will have to use the back door and the treacherous back porch with the huge crack and widening hole in the concrete. The front porch is a maternity ward. This Friday afternoon I drove down to the post office and put my mail on hold. It’s nothing but store flyers, solicitations for auto loans, and mail for at least ten former tenants, anyway.. I am an electronic communication kind of person. With mail on hold, she won’t be disturbed by the mailman. It’s the least I can do. Thursday morning she was in the front yard happily hunting insects. The lawn man came Wednesday so he will not be back for a couple of weeks. In any event I bought an old fashioned manual mower and I can quietly do the front. I personally hate the sound of lawn mowers which makes life difficult. Around here people spend more time and energy on their lawns than their children. In my humble opinion the American obsession with lawns is a sickness. Considering the amount of Roundup that gets thrown around I am willing to bet the sickness is more than mental. Momma robin is at least safe in my yard. I have lots of earthworms, too.

It means I will have to sneak around from the back to enjoy my lilacs at the corner of the house as well.  Standing in front of the bush will no doubt be an invasion of her safe space. Still the inconveniences are small for the consolation of such closeness to nature and the enjoyment of new life after the loss of my Tony. And it will be a good distraction for little Milk, who was so bonded to Tony and slept curled up with him every night and spent hours in mutual grooming. Fortunately she will never get out to do any damage but the peeping, squawking and fluttering back and forth will keep her occupied.

I would love to get a picture of the nest but I don’t have a camera with a telephoto lens. I wonder if they have extension cords for webcams?


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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2 Responses to Houseguest on the Porch Light

  1. donutsplace says:

    That is so cute. I loved your post!
    I am glad someone cares enough for birds.
    And am glad you don’t use roundup. That is some bad stuff there. I forget how long it actually stays in the soil. But it stays longer than the bottle says. They all do.
    I myself do not use any pesticides. Period!
    Pulling weeds by hand or shovel wont kill a person and it is great exercise. I prefer to do most work early in the mornings. Especially in the summertime.

    I bet your lilac bush smells great. Does it have a scent? I am wanting one. And a wisteria too. They smell so great!


  2. angela1313 says:

    Lilac did smell good. It’s just about gone now but on several days the wind was right and the temps warn enough it blew lilac scent right into the front room while I say on the couch with the cat. Can’t do better than that. I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts.


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