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Caturday Thoughts – Life Without Tony

Adjusting to life without Tony has been hard for Milk. She followed me from room to room, making those soft calls mother cats make to their kittens. She has commandeered the one cat bed Tony never slept in, the brown … Continue reading

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Arbor Day

A wonderful way to catch what is being lost is to ask a child “Have you ever heard of….?” and find out what they have never heard of. A lot of people have never heard of Arbor Day, one of … Continue reading

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Houseguest on the Porch Light

My front porch light is draped with nylon twine and debris from my neighbor’s ornamental grass. The pile has been slowly accumulating in spite of several bouts of cold, high wind. Until a few days ago the relentless vandal was … Continue reading

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My regular post will be a bit delayed. Sunday night my wonderful cat Tony was fine. Monday morning he didn’t want his kibble. By Tuesday morning he was at the vet and by Thursday evening he was in critical condition … Continue reading

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