Frozen In Place

file0002017595858It’s not unexpected for the weather to get very cold in mid-winter. December this year was unnaturally warm which was wonderful from my perspective. It even stayed warm into the beginning of January and I was able to spend time packing my holiday decorations into the storage properly without getting painfully cold. Working in the cold makes you clumsy, not something you want when handling fragile decorations. There were flurries on one morning that melted away in a warming afternoon sun but until the past few days rain has been what has been falling from the sky. No scraping, defrosting, or shoveling has been necessary and I was quite happy.


In the last week it has gotten very cold, just getting above freezing in the late afternoon. and with wind chills it is in the freeze range for twenty four hours a day. Now we are having the first real snowstorm and things will come to a halt for at least three days. I stay in and work on research and writing and the first day of a storm I always cook up extra food the can be reheated in the fireplace or on the butane stove if the power goes out. Fortunately for the cats, their food does not have to be hot to be edible.

However, there are things I have to do which require going out, driving some distance as a matter of fact. The check engine light came on in the truck and the Mac won’t boot. They have to go to repair. I have a dentist appointment in a week that is three hours away. It is complicated because businesses here don’t believe Saturday is a day to serve the public. The post office, mechanics and computer repair shops are not open, Last Wednesday I reached an arm out the door to snatch the mail and was met by a wve of cold that hit like a thousand needles. An ache than ran from my fingertips to my shoulder  lingered for hours. I just came back in from an hour of snow shoveling and that ache was running up both arms. There was no wind and I was physically active and still the cold seeped in and started it’s work.

6F6A9183I will have to repeat that experience at least three or four times this weekend. The snow is continuing through the night. While it is beautiful to watch come down and transform the yard, I ca only think of how much time I will spend out in being stabbed with a thousand needles. Tonight I console myself under three blankets, surrounded by cats, purring loudly or curled in balls, sleeping unconcerned, assured I will deal with all problems and keep them watm and safe.

It is now morning. As usual the cats have awakened me in darkness. They have been fed, their wayer fountains checked and their litter bozes seen too. Tony has had his cuddle on my lap while I had my morning cup of coffee. As soon as there was sufficient light, I went out to do the front porch. The storm door which I requested be fixed is still not repaired. It had come open again and snow was piled up against the inner door. Even if it had not come unlatched, the snow would have some in anyway, the glass panel which fell out has never been replaced. I shoved the snow off the porch and top step with the shovel and returned inside.

snowy-bushThe snow is coming down much harder and the fine powder of yesterday is beginning to compress it a much tighter pack. All I can think of after dreading the work ahead is what a waste it is for such perfect skiing snow to be falling on the town. Ir’s been so many years since I skied but I still miss it. Back then the cold was not a problem. I still have hope that someday I may ski again. I have conquered the fibromyalgia, the sciatic nerve pain, the clicking, grinding and stiffness in my hip. Now I must conquer the cold. I will motivate myself with thoughts of a future that includes skiing, put on my armor of layers of clothing, and with broom and shovel, my weapos of choice, go forth to duel with my adversary.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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