Thanksgiving Sans Turkey

I had decided on a turkey free dinner. I really did not want the extra baggage that comes with a commercially farmed turkey. I didn’t want growth hormone, I didn’t want antibiotics and I didn’t want the bad karma of all that suffering.   I also passed passed on the turkey because it would trigger some sensitive memories of a pair of turkey lovers no longer with me to share the feast. My little Persian Mini succumbed to the strange lupus like auto- immune disease she developed. Turkey was her favorite food. My Siamese boy Mosby Grey was taken by squamous cell carcinoma within a few weeks of Mini and he also was a turkey lover. While having them as part of my life as long as I could was something I am thankful for, I want a cheerful celebration going in to the dark winter months. Prepping, cooking and eating a turkey is too many hours of reminder of loss.

No meat?!! We'll starve!! Some Thanksgiving!

No meat?!! We’ll starve!! Some Thanksgiving!

However, I got some negative feedback on that decision since I still share my home with obligate carnivores. I was fixed with the notorious Simba stare and let know that while pumpkin might be good for a side dish, a vegetarian meal would be greeted by the feline equivalent of a prison riot.


sw_ChickenDinner_sa208378                                                       Compromise was a free range, antibiotic & hormone free chicken from a local farmer. I can always make broth from the carcass in case of getting under the weather this winter and the cats rarely get treats like that. It will make it a special meal. The poor chicken would only have been someone else’s dinner but I honored that chicken and was grateful for it’s sacrifice.

Now that's more like it!! Where's the giblets and gravy?

Now that’s more like it!! Where’s the giblets and gravy?

I can’t say the cats were so thoughtful but there will be enough from that one chicken to give them special dinners all through the holiday season and deep into winter. They will relish their treats and be happy and thankful in their own special way. They are so direct and natural, content with simple pleasures and so unimpressed with the useless things humans pursue. They want your presence and attention, not your money or your social standing.

file0001872222667We had a wonderful celebration together my cats and I. I made my grandmothers creamed onions, which I did not share with the cats. I made the mashed roots she served, that as a child I could not abide; parsnips, rutabagas and turnips, along with the mashed potatoes I always loved. The stuffing was made on the stove so the onions I love would not contaminate the bird for the cats and it cooked faster. There was plain buttered pumpkin for the cats so inclined and a pie for me.

We had a wonderful celebration together my cats and I, thankful for out good food and shared company and that one more turkey might be spared to strut his magnificence.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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2 Responses to Thanksgiving Sans Turkey

  1. Themobilemaiden says:

    What blessed cats you have. What kind of pie did you make yourself?


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