Spring in Shades of Grey



We are now in Daylight Savings Time by the clock and the calendar. However, I’m not saving much daylight, having had only one day the sun has been able to provide any. It has been cloudy all week when not actually raining. My lights are on  all day and I’m drinking too much coffee. I certainly don’t want drought but I don’t want to start rice paddies this year either, just a normal vegetable garden. Even the cats are showing signs of cabin fever. There is nothing to watch from the windows, the squirrels are in their nests and the birds are roosting under cover. They have destroyed several toy mice in just the last week, even though I made a point of bringing out the laser toy each day for rounds of “chase the dot”.


It is getting warmer but still feels cold and it’s the damp that is responsible for this, no question about it. With no sun coming in the windows I am reluctant to start my seeds. My new tiller is on it’s way to the local coop and hardware. The ground will certainly be much softer for the rain but I don’t want to catch cold using it in a downpour. The leaves that spread last fall after the sudden early cold are beaded with raindrops and matted to the ground. I long to prod beneath them for signs of green but I resist. After all, I myself hate being woken before it is time. I leave what lies beneath to sleep under the leafy blanket a while longer. We do too much pushing and pulling at nature as it is. Patience is another thing gardening teaches you to cultivate.


We got one sunny day at last this Thursday. Out came the pots, seed starter, clippers and trowels. But the temperature dropped and rain started up again Friday and is continuing. The garden must remain in suspension for the time being. I must continue the delectable torture of trying to decide what to order from the tempting catalogs displaying succulent looking tomatoes, colorful peppers and squash, and coolly elegant greens. While spring may be clinging to shades of grey other designers are at work planning a much more colorful summer wardrobe. I have started my seeds in spite of the grey, there is no color as hopeful as green, the green of new growth. When my seedlings are grown up they can show off their summer colors, for now I am content to banish the grey.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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