About Time, Again


Turn forward the clock, play games with time. Surely I cannot catch the the sun’s rays in a brown glass apothecary jar and hide them away in safety in my herb cabinet. Yet to remain synchronous with the outer world I played the game. I and my clocks “sprang ahead” an hour and I “lost” an hour’s sleep I will not “find” again for nine months.


The  cats are blissfully unaware of all these manipulations. The feline sense of time and priorities has no need for such things. Humans were once more like them, using the sun, moon and seasons to regulate their lives. When did the change start? The earliest water clocks appeared over three thousand years ago. Obelisks were used as sundials in Egypt by over five thousand years ago. For the most part these were for the elite, the temples and palaces. The pendulum clock was not invented until 1656.The process has been accelerating ever since. What is it in the nature of man that obsesses with time? These are games I do not want to play.


At least the game of Daylight Savings returns my “borrowed” hour in the autumn so I can use it to snuggle with the cats in the cold winter night. Other games are not as fair.  I no longer play the commuting game. There is an example of a game with a stacked deck, if ever there was one. Your employer does not pay you for this time, yet it is not your own. The government does not allow you to deduct the cost, although it is less an unavoidable expense than medical bills. If it were a reasonable amount of time  in proportion to all else it would be less objectionable, but most often it is not. Many people spend almost half as much time in the commute as they do in the workplace. I was spending four hours commuting to eight in the office. Twenty hours a week, stolen without hope of return, almost a full day each week, all to go twenty miles.

I found a better way. I work from home now. I do not make as much money, but then, I spend much less. I have time to make and eat healthy meals and I have lost weight without dieting. My health has improved and my cats are happy to have me at their beck and call. I wish many others could do as I do. These are the people rushing everywhere, stressed and driving aggressively.  I am sure they are under obligations they cannot easily walk away from. I can only hope things will improve for them, because no matter how fast you run, time catches up. We may play games with time but time runs the game, and as they say at the casino,  the house always wins.



About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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