Seeds of Change


The winter has been  long and dark, cold and grey. I want the warmth of the sun, even if only in an image of a fountain flowing on a sunny day. One antidote to the winter blues is garden planning, but a cloud overshadowed even that for me. I feared I would have to forego a garden this year. A change in neighbor last summer made it almost impossible to go out except in the hours of darkness. How can I have a garden when I cannot tend it? What is the point of a garden you cannot sit in the midst of it and enjoy or get out in a timely manner to harvest? No privacy, no peace, no relaxation. Under such circumstances the only seeds I can plant are seeds of change and so I shall.

I will not give in to the loud noise, the incessant barking, and the harassment. I will barricade my yard with structures. I will place trellises in front of the windows so I can open them and get fresh air without being stared in at. It will not block the noise, voices so loud I could hear them this winter through the sealed up storm windows above the classical music on my computer.  When I was very small, honeysuckle grew up the chimney of my grandparent’s house. I remember the beautiful scent that filled the bedroom as I fell to sleep.  The fragrant honeysuckle I will plant will compensate for the noise, if not eliminate it.


I bought a bamboo screen last year but it was too little, too late. This year I will set it up again to hide some garden chairs and a small table so I can sit out and enjoy my tea in peace.


I found these trellises by a company called Garden Architecture. They had all high scoring and positive reviews and are reasonably priced, allowing me to buy several. They are four feet high, which will block off more of the yard and allow me to grow vegetables which need support. I have not done this before and the chance to do so has replaced a negative anticipation of the summer with a positive one.


I have also decided to indulge in a portable greenhouse. The weather is very erratic here and it will be easier than running around covering and uncovering individual plants from day to day. There are several that are, again, affordable, and if time is money, it will pay for itself. Just waiting for the last snow to order so I don’t have a big box sitting in my yard for weeks. My dream greenhouse is more like the image below but if you wait for perfection the wait might be a bit too long.


And, of course, even if less elegant, the temporary greenhouse will block the yard from the neighbors. I will save time, I will save plants and work and money. Most of all I will not give in to frustration and oppression. I will have my garden and fight adversity along with weeds and weather. I will adapt and modify and plant. In a positive way, to overcome obstacles, I will plant “magic beans”, the seeds of change.





About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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One Response to Seeds of Change

  1. Cynthia says:

    yayy!!! love that…magic beans, seeds of change!


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