Solace and Solstice

The muggy weather bothers us all. All yesterday we were in the dead calm dreaded by sailors. The cats lay on the floor instead of the futon and Mosby asserted his right to a windowsill where the sun was not shining, a sure sign of a bad day. Fortunately, by late afternoon we caught a break when a light rain started. By the early evening it transformed into a torrential downpour which required me to run around the house closing all the windows.half an hour later i had to make the rounds and open them again. But the garden got a good watering and everything cooled down and Mosby ate and drank two more times. For all of that I was infinitely grateful. It was quite a dramatic thunderstorm, with that rolling thunder that reminds you just how much power there is in an aroused nature. I always feel energized by thunderstorms and I am blessed to have cats who are not frighted by them. Strange that Mosby will jump like he’s been prodded when the neighbor makes a sudden noise but he doesn’t even twitch an ear in a thunderstorm right overhead. I think in his unknown past there were some scary people.

This morning is much cooler and still overcast. Not much of a sunrise for the solstice but I am happy, nonetheless. I will be able to catch up in the garden without feeling like I am in a steam bath. I always preferred dry saunas. It will take a while for the dampness to dry off the herbs but the weeding can be done until then. I swear the weeds grow visibly after a rain like last night. Alas, the sun has come out. I should be happy to see the sun, especially after the very cold winter, but it is raising the temperature and wicking all the moisture back into the air. The pineapple sage has grown too large for the kitchen window so I re-potted it on the back porch, not a long task, but by it’s finish I could feel the effect of the humidity. The savory has shot up until it is taller than I am and it has seeds! The spearmint has grown so fast I can’t see where I harvested just a couple of days ago. I am going to harvest some red clover but there is so little for the bees right now i won’t take much. I have to put in more bee plants. They love the comfrey but it’s past blossoming and the rue and savory don’t have much of a blossom The sage has none at all.

Just on noon  and there is very little red clover so I left it for the bees. We are also back to heat and humidity.  It must be  a little better than yesterday since the birds are singing but no one is out in any of the yards nearby. I love it when it’s quiet except for the birdsong.

Just on three and it is getting dark. I’ve put all the cats on an adapted feeding schedule, partly from the heat and partly to give Mosby time to eat in peace and I was finishing tea time when the curtains in the kitchen window began to blow inward. I then made myself a sushi roll of smoked salmon, cumber and avocado with black and white sesame seeds and needed to turn on the lamp before eating. I can hear thunder now. By the time I finished eating another thunderstorm was underway. Then we lost power! Hurrah for battery back-up, I was able to save everything and do a normal shutdown.  The feline response was favorable; seeing the laptop closed up, they all swarmed in for cuddles, Mosby first. That was good because it meant he was feeling better, and he took his medicine without much fuss. So it was a good day as well as a long one and that is a great comfort.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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