All is Not Sadness

Mosby would not want me to just give up. He never has. So I must enjoy something. Last year the yard had been so neglected nothing much came up in the front garden beds.This year I got three different colors of irises, and the mutilated bush I suspected was lilac put out a few tiny flowers to prove me right, Straggling peonies that produced two blossoms last year came back as an enourmous clump covered in pink blossoms the size of softballs. My only regret is somehow I never got time for some photographs. But they lifted my heart every time I went by, even on the days of Mosby’s bad news and vet visits. All because I raked the leaves from the yard into the bed to tuck them in for the winter. How little plants ask of us and how much they give back.

I made Four Thieves Vinegar for a tonic. I loved the smell of the chopped garlic and sage and mint. I’m going to make mint sauce, too, not the kind for rating with meat, but a kind to use for cough syrup and cold season tea. I will wait until he is napping and work in the kitchen. He wants me near him more and more, like he is squeezing in every moment he can get with me. How privileged I am to be so loved by such an independent  and unique soul.  All is not sadness where there is love.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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