Comfort and Joy

Approaching last weekend the weather forecast was for freezing rain on Saturday. Both my weather station and my body confirmed this by Friday morning. So I got my errands done and put the world on hold.  I carefully stacked the wood in the fireplace and brought in extra from outside. I took out a couple of jar candles from the cupboard and a bottle of Merlot from the wine rack. I raided the spice cabinet and put the the wine glass on the counter. As the clouds moved in and the sun set I poured the wine in to a pan, added the spices, and put on low heat.

Then out came the special dishes and the cans of assorted flavors of cat food. Each plate gets four different flavors. Into the living room go the dishes and by the time I return to the kitchen the wine is ready. I pour a glass, move back into the living room and light the fire and the candles on the mantel. Celtic music is playing on the computer in the office, lots of traditional songs and carols for the season. We spend the evening watching and stoking the fire as needed, the cats getting non-stop petting, brushing and attention. As my music selection ends we sit in silence broken only by the hiss of sap, the pop of sparks, and the thrum of multiple purrings. I let the fire slowly burn down, finished the last of the bottle of wine and  take the special plates and the glass to the kitchen. I return to close up the fireplace and extinguish one of the candles, then we all go off to bed by candlelight, to sleep the deep, dream-filled sleep of winter nights. What a good way to celebrate the season, warm and love, simple pleasures, peace and restfulness. Comfort and joy.

I always wake up early. In the dark the next morning I could see that there had been snow, As the sun came up it did indeed turn to freezing rain. I could tell because it always makes a clinking noise that comes down the vent pipe for the hot water heater. I started fresh coffee, doled out the morning rations for the felines and went in to start a new fire. Breakfast in front of the fire, fresh coffee with real cream, yummy oatmeal with dried cranberries, spices, and more cream! Tony had also checked the weather. No birds or squirrels and wetness means she stays home and pays attention to us. He patiently waited until I finished eating and then made his romantic overtures. This consists of coming up close, butting the top of his head against my chest and working his way over into my armpit. It makes me laugh every time. This summer at a conference I learned there is a point for the heart chakra there. After the lecture I told the instructor about Tony’s routine and she thought it was great. So do I. We played with toys until everybody was worn out and I did paperwork in front of the fire to more Celtic music while the rest did their “long winter’s nap” routine. Once again, comfort and joy.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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