Warm and Cozzy

The last few weeks have been busy. All the cracks around the windows are filled, weather-stripping is fitted around the doors where daylight showed and the plumber has unstopped the drains. The garden beds are under their winter cover of mulch and the damper on the fireplace almost closes completely. The summer things are in mothballs and the winter things in their rightful drawer or closet. Tonight I can relax.

The wind is picking up and the clouds are moving in. The storm that has been causing so much trouble across the country will arrive in the early hours tomorrow morning. I brought in extra firewood and stacked it under the side table on an old rug. If ice brings down the power lines I can keep warm and cook. Last year I experimented. I put onions, turnips, potatoes and sweet potatoes, rutabagas, leeks and fennel bulbs in foil and roasted them in the fireplace. It worked beautifully. This year I think I’m going to try fish. A Russian friend once mentioned roasting beets, so I may try those too, and carrots, I don’t know why I didn’t think of carrots last year.

In the meantime I have the slow cooker making soup and the rice cooker making rice. Tony and Mini are snoozing on the worktable next to me. Mini hasn’t been feeling well, she has a lupus like auto-immune syndrome, so we are going to try some special homemade foods tonight.

It was a rotten night followed by a rotten day yesterday but we didn’t loose power. The cats were not convinced pumpkin was good for them (it really is) even  with the addition of 1) butter or 2) organic turkey broth. The leftover frozen hamburgers from a friend were approved of and consumed accordingly. Enjoy it while you can kitties, hamburger is off the list from now on. We spent the day sleeping (the cats), eating and playing chase the laser dot. I curled up with some mulled wine and read my rotten weather favorite, Sherlock Holmes. Watson always starts the stories with a weather report and a lot of the stories start in rotten weather. I put on all my Celtic music and we all enjoyed a quiet, peaceful day with the world held at bay by Mother Nature. It was like going on a retreat.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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