Harvest Time

The catnip bush (it’s far beyond classification as a mere plant) is beginning to lean over. It’s covered in blossoms which are starting to loose their tiny petals. I always wait to cut the blossoms because the bees love them. This year I’ve seen at least four types of bees, including honey bees. The radar showed a front coming through so I went out and cut anything about to lay on the ground and did some trimming. The whole while I could here through the kitchen window “Neeyeoww!” “Neeyeoww!” “Neeyeoww!” Mosby knows what it means when I take the clippers outside and he also knows when a storm is coming. I guess he thought I should hurry and he was right. I slipped through the door just as the rain started. I quickly ripped off a few leaves and headed upstairs to shove the bucket into the attic. That will give any crawlies the chance to escape. You’d think with all the carrying on the leaves would disappear but they get licked and bitten a couple of times, then left on the floor damp and slimy. Dried catnip, however, is another matter. Latter I’ll go up, clean the branches, tie them in bundles and hang them from the nice racks some long ago person put up between the roof beams. In this heat that attic will have them nice and dry in no time. In the meantime Mosby will have to settle for a little valerian and I’ll have to cook something for dinner with garlic. The valerian I have is odiferous, but the power of garlic will banish the valerian odor like a vampire.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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